Elder Sanders

Elder Sanders

Monday, December 24, 2012


¡MERRY Christmas!

  How is everyone back stateside?  Wonderful I hope because I am!  So!  Many news to give! 

Hm... First off... BAPTISM!!! Yes, we have 2 lovely new additions to the church!
And they have much in common: they are 9 or under in age, have a parent which is not a member, gave wonderfully powerful testimonies, and are just wonderful!  The only difference is that one is a convert baptism, and the other is a ward baptism.  Which translates as one goes to the mission, but 2 go into my personal list of baptisms.  YES!!!  So I hope in a future date their parents will eventually be members, I believe one day it shall be just like that!

But alright, so for Christmas here in Ecuador, everyone has little Christmas trees, little house decorations (as in NO ONE has anything outside), and a little Christmas music.  But, the spirit is flowing about, the stores are stocking up, and it seems that Christmas here is not focused on receiving gifts, but of making big business in sells for the year!  Rather like an unofficial Christmas bonus.    Hm.   But everyone is still joyful.

Yesterday we were in Ambato again, singing with the other missionaries, (contacting through carols, AWESOME!) and finished late so we stayed the night there.  My companion got a couple packages from home, and I got a lovely one from the Lechtenbergs, MANY THANKS TO SARAH, JAKE, AND PATTI!!!!  I just love me some Legos!!!

And today, we were shopping, cleaning, cutting our own hair, and doing laundry.  But!  We are to make a Christmas feast!  I`m going to try my hand at making Wassil, and then we`re going to make some Navajo Tacos!    Scones baby!    Today, we also plan to practice the Quena (sorry, I forgot to take a photo! Look it up on YouTube instead), draw requested pictures for investigators and members, write letters, watch The Mountain of The Lord, and lounge about.  It should be nice.  But, you may ask... why do we have so much free time today? Well, today is our P-Day first off, and we need to be inside at 4:00 sharp due to nasty drunk Christmas party riots in the streets!  Which means... it`s like 24 hours of not working!  Well, not quite like that... but like a 24-hour P-Day!  And tomorrow, we must be indoors at no later than 6:00, so we get more relaxation time! 

Not to mention: candy from members and a mighty MIGHTY Ecuadorian Fruit-Cake that actually is not nasty!  I would send a photo, but unfortunately we took it with it right after I cut my hair and all I`m wearing are Gym shorts!  So  maybe for another week, 


Good to write you all, and as always, I wish you well and thank you for your love, prayers, and support!

`Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!`

  or for a better quote:

`It`s in the singing of a street corner choir,
       It`s going home and getting warm by the fire,
                It`s true! Wherever you find love, it feels like Christmas!`
                                   -Muppet`s Christmas Carol

-Elder Sanders

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