Elder Sanders

Elder Sanders

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Week # 61

Greetings! To all those close to me!

  This has been a week indeed, and it sounds as if all is well up there in Utah.  And yes, I did get a phone call from President Ghent, which was quite the surprise.  And for all those missionaries out there, when the mission president calls, it`s pretty much just as similar as the Prophet calling you.  And just as exciting!

Well, I`m oh so super glad to hear all is well in the Sanders` home!  And I send Zander my regards, a cyst is rather intense!

Ok, so what news do I bring today?  Well, we`ve just been busy!  It seems as we`ve just been filtering out all the people we found last week to see who`s willing to progress or not.  And it seems as we have filtered well, but, sadly we did have a big problem this last week!  So, we had 3 people planned for baptism, 3 kids under the age of 15, who were are willing and worthy and ready to be baptized, but 3 days before their baptism, their dad wanted to talk to us.  We hadn`t been able to visit with him much because of his work, but we always spoke to his wife (technically not, their  not married but live together) who would coordinate with him on what we were teaching the kids.  And apparently, he didn`t know that his kids were getting baptized!  Turns out his wife was lying to us that she did, and he was rather upset that he wasn`t informed on it.  We humbly apologized, and it seemed that all was still well for Saturday.  Well, turns out we were definitely wrong because the next day both the parents said that they didn`t want their kids to be baptized!   NOO!!! I guess it`s between reasons of that the mom isn`t seeing a change in her kids, and the dad believes they`ve already been baptized and don`t need a new religion, and so on and so forth.  

SO! Our big 3 main baptisms fell through, and for the moment its unsure whether they are going to follow through on baptism later.   But, although all this passed, I do still believe that they will be baptized one day.  I`m not sure if it`ll be in week or months later with other missionaries, but one day they`ll be able to follow through.

Hm. I`d say that was the biggest thing that happened, but never fear! Our 2 baptisms for this weekend are still good to go!  And we hope that all will follow through well for the weekend.  

We also had changes this week!  And what`s the new result?  Well, Elder Plúa and I didn`t change, but I have a new zone leader, do you wish to know who it is?  It`s dear Elder Housley! My companion back in February who only had 2 weeks with me, who was definitely one of my favorite companions in the whole mission!  YES!!!  And sadly, my current companion and I are still roughing it out, but I hope that this week will get better.

  WELL! That`s all for the week I believe!  I`m still putting forth my jolly self, and hope that everyone over yonder keeps jolly too!

-Elder Eden Sanders

     PS- the cheapest cameras I`ve found in this sector are about $200.  So, I`m unsure if I should still buy one if I could get a US one for half the price, but I`ll see if they have any cheaper ones.

PSS- Those veg-shish-kabobs looked delicious! Congrats!   I may miss canning tomatoes after all...