Elder Sanders

Elder Sanders

Friday, April 13, 2012

Eden is in Otavalo

Hi Family and friends

Eden got transferred to Otavalo ! , His really excited about it, he will be around native Indians that speak Quechua . These are really special  people they are called
 "The people of the Gods "  they have a  deep Indian culture.This will be a really amazing experience for him,  How exciting for Eden to learn and be around these wonderful people. I put two (you tube videos) so you can see where he is at. If you have a second check it out its really interesting.
Thanks for you support and love towards Eden.
Love you all,


Hi Everyone.

Ok, sorry I am writing late and that this letter will only be 1 paragraph, but I have been changed!  (happy and sad because my old companion and I were actually starting to improve... mostly :)  )  BUT!!! I am now in Otavalo!!  The Indigenous realm of all that is fabulous!  And... my companion is named Elder Bardgiznski, and he`s from AUSTRALIA!!! Cousins in Australia I am so excited to have him as my companion !!!! (family Lechtenberg proceeds to cheer)  So, I shall write in full this next week, and hope that all shall go well. 

Fare thee well!

-Elder Sanders

PS:  I am so happy you got my letter Chantel!   And that everyone had a fun Easter, and also thanks to Mom for her wonderful letter !

Easter looked like so much fun!!!  The only tradition here is ´Semana Santa´ or Holy Week.  And, well, the traditions aren`t too exciting down here.  But it was still nice)