Elder Sanders

Elder Sanders

Monday, January 16, 2012


This is the Italian in him coming out ! LOL

check out the propane tank !! AHHHHHHH!

ward mission leader and his companion ! Eden looks like a giant !

beautiful mountains !

Eden drew this in some ones hymn book.

Baptism day ...

Eden and his companion made scones !

Week #27

Greetings one and all!
   Thanks very much for your letters, comments, and other goodness!  It was nice!   (And we´re going to the offices this next week, so I shall see if my packages have arrived soon!)
Ah, and to start... this week was....  CHANGES!  *ensue organ overture*   And my new stats are:  Guamani with an Elder Hernandez.   Wait.... that´s where I am now the companion I have now...  WE DIDN¨T CHANGE!  HAHA!  we´ll be able to see our baptisms through after all!  Happy day!

Alright, so here are some other stats of the week.  This last week we had a grand total of 15 people with a baptismal date.  (We had a GOOD finding week.)  The only downside is that out of that 15 people only 4 were able to keep their date by attending church and following up with commitments.  JS  had a  baptism date (which was planned for this Saturday, but he has a work trip and now it´s a 50/50, I hope it works out!)  and we just need to find a time to visit the family Lui.  Their date is for this Saturday too, and they are just never home!  I hope they´ll be ready in time too!    All in all, we´ll have to get the rest of our investigators to start progressing!  They are all so good!

And it sounds as if things at home are well too!  I can see that as I am growing spiritually, so are you guys!  It´s great to read how you scripture studies and Sunday lessons are going!  (And you´ve gotta send me a picture of Tristan´s new Sunday Suit!)   I´m always praying for you all.

And today was great too!  Why?  This last Wednesday Elder Hernandez and I set a list of goals to try to accomplish this week, such as finding 6 new families, arriving early to lessons, planting a baptismal date for new investigators, etc etc, and decided if we could complete them we would make a ´Mega-Meal´  this Monday.  And what happened?  We did it!  And after seeking knowledge through my mission-mom-cookbook, we made a heaping plate of scones with honey-butter!  I´ll say, after having a lack of ´Sanders´ food for 6 months, today was a real slap in the face, but in a good way!  

So, my companion is doing good, my Spanish is always fluctuating, and we are striving to study every day.   All in all, the mission field is well.  We just need to invite the members to come out with us more often...perhaps soon!

I always have you all in mind, and here is a spiritual thought for the day-

The Sabbath day is a day of rest, where we depart from our labors and worldly things.  And we also have fast-sundays, where we skip out on food to easily become more humble and receptive to be more in tune with the spirit.  Then I thought, we do a kind of fast every Sunday.  I see the Sabbath Day as a fast of worldly things.  We skip out on movies, video games, and work to be more humble and more receptive to the spirit. And just as we wouldn´t dare eat one piece of bread during a fast of food, we also shouldn´t dare to take a minute at doing something ´worldly´ during Sunday.  It´s just that important.  And the blessings promised of the Lord is we obey this day, are an increase of peace and joy in our lives.  Not to mention the renewing of our covenants during the sacrament.  

Well, that is all for today it seems, may your days be merry!  

-Elder Sanders

Pictures! (I´m attaching more in  seperate letter)
1- View from in front of our church (zoom in on the mountains!)
2- Us with our ward mission leader, Hermano Casco!  One of the finest old men yet to live!
3- A picture I drew in the Hymn-book of our zone leader
4- Eden trying to learn how to make scones
5- Eden finally discovering the secret of how to make the dough as soft as a dream