Elder Sanders

Elder Sanders

Monday, August 27, 2012

Week # 57 Elder Holland

My oh my!  What a week!

First off, things are crazy at home!  Is Chantel alright? I just about dropped in the street when I read that!  Well, I`ll be sure to keep her locked in my prayers!  
And alright, where to start?  Hm...  Well, I can`t say I have too many news on investigators, but all I can say is that our MISSION CONFERENCE ROCKED!  Rocked like a mountainous boulder!  Elder Holland gave us all the greatest time of our lives!  Well, the conference began with a testimony of Elder Uceda of the 70  (he is rather splendid!) and another talk from Elder Maynes from the 70 also, who described how the first vision was a model of missionary work.  Joseph Smith praying with a question to know the truth is what all of our investigators should do, and he said that God and Christ were liked to a missionary companionship teaching the gospel.  Neat, right?  We should always take that mind set whenever we are teaching, for we are literally following God/Christ`s footsteps.

And then, Elder Holland.  Whew! He knows the perfect balance of comedy and spirituality! He truly knows how to get to the hearts of us teenagers, and we loved it.  He spoke a lot about how all the prophesying since the world began was leading up to this dispensation, (even Christ`s ministry was preparatory to it) and how Christ can`t return until we do our missionary work now, and prepare the world for his coming!   He really wanted us to see the importance of us being missionaries, and how only us, 19, 20 year olds can do this!  

 He also spoke a lot about the time when Preach My Gospel (the mega-mighty-how-to-be-a-missionary manual)  was first established, in an age when missionary lessons were memorized and recited.  He described that we should not just go and teach lessons, but truly learn and know the doctrines for ourselves, and use that to help others to be converted.  He said Preach My Gospel was designed not to convert investigators, but to convert us, the missionaries.  He said that we should also use the Book of Mormon in a like manner.  That we should use it to help people overcome their needs and trials, and just be familiar with the doctrine of Christ.  It went very, very well.  

And on top of that, all the missionaries were privileged to shake all their hands! It was wonderful. So, I`ll say, if you every want one of the most piercing looks you`ve ever conceived, make eye contact with Elder Holland from less than a foot away, and then you`ll know!  

        So, overall that was the highlight of the week.

And, another surprising news flash:  EMERGENCY CHANGES!!! Yes, only 2 hours before we left for the conference, I received the dramatic phone call.  Elder Rosales was changed to the coast, and I received a new companion!  Presenting.... Elder Oropeza!  A swell Peruvian that has the same time in the mission as I!  We are just jolly!  (Hm.. I`ll have to get a photo of him for you all....)
But, All in all, he`s my lucky companion number TEN!  (not including those in the MTC, that would make 14!)  

So, I`m pleased to hear all is well now, congrats to Mom for her new calling (we`re both 1st counselors!),  and super congratulations to Allison for her conversion, and to Justine for her mighty marriage!

And, I still only have 30 minutes to write you and President Ghent, but I CAN print out your letters to read them so I do not lose that time!  Good luck to Madison in Junior High, and Ashlyne and Meikayla in High School!  WOOT!

Until later,  UNTIL LATER!!! I Love ya!

Elder Sanders

Photos:  My missionary roommates making homemade `Jugo de Coco` with coconuts from our very own backyard,  ¡RICO!  and the birthday party of one of our investigators, Yomaera, keep her in your prays too, essentially she is over 100% ready for baptism but only lacks permission from her parents because she is under adult age!  

Fare thee well!

(PS: Plus, could you put some more money on my personal card, I am rather poor...  Thanks! I love you all!)