Elder Sanders

Elder Sanders

Monday, August 13, 2012

week # 55 Edens on his way to the JUNGLE !!!!

GREETINGS!!!  Wow!  Big news today, one that is both happy and sad!  

Well, first off, Alex is baptized and happy!  Clean and powerful!  (The happy part!)

But, as for sadder (and slightly happier) news, I have been changed! NO!!!  I will be forever leaving the comfort of teaching Paniguis and Woikeys! (pronounced, Panigos and whykeys, which means sisters and brothers)  of Otavalo!  A tear drop has been shed here!  And that also means that Elder Meriles` training is now complete!  He is a full-fledged missionary of the Lamanites!  And, well, you may ask where I`m off to? Hm...

Grab your adventure gear and unsheathe your machete, for Elder Sanders is off the the PURE JUNGLE!!!

           HA HA!!!  (yes Erik, I`m rubbing it in your face  :) 

YES! Full of monkeys, mosquitos, new land, humitity, and pure excitement!  So, it`s called Lago Agrio, and a new branch just opened there.  (`Just opened` as in, it`s only 2 months new! ) So it`s me, my new companion Elder Rosales (I still haven`t met him because right now I`m in a bus terminal), and we are to conquer the sector!  I`m also still the District leader, which isn`t too bad because there are only 4 missionaries in total in that area, but I`m just as happy as a jar of jelly to be going there!  Yes, it`s going to be as hot and muggy as a Latin woman`s pressure cooker, but at least it will be a great experience.  I hope to apply all those things I learned in Imbabura in order to get our little new branch crackin!  I want to leave there with all the members converted into what we call `power-members!`  

And, there`s no chapel, and I heard that church meetings are held in the house of the missionaries!  WOW! I guess that means I`ve gotta keep it REALLY clean now!

Ah... hm.  That was about it for the week.  Baptism, changes, tears exchanged, and now I`m waiting for the bus.  (sigh, it took about 4 hours to get to the terminal, and now the bus to get the sector is 7 more hours! GRRR! Too much bus time!)  

Well, I`m glad girl`s camp was exciting, and all went well in Utah.  Stay true, and keep reading your scriptures!

-Elder Sanders, soon to be jungle-explorer extraordinaire!

PHOTOS:  pics of Alex`s baptism, a photo of Mount Imbabura, Can you see the Heart on the Mountain face? It`s rather neat!, the family Ruiz, and me by the infamous `Aya Huma` Hostal, right in front of my old home!

weel # 54

HELLO , and here I am!  Well, as you can find in the attachments, I wrote half of my letter in hand-written script, so enjoy it there! But until then,it sounds as if all you guys have had a wonderful week! The park city art festival!  Ah! How I wished to be there!  But, all is well, for we have investigators and an upcoming baptism!  Yes!  Read the attachment to see all wonder revealed!

 But, I hope you enjoy it and, in accordance to the story in the letter, all ended well for us.  Consciousness clear and souls filled with increased knowledge!    Have a mighty fine week! 
-Elder Sanders
Photos: me and my buddy Elder Wells (from Chantel`s letter) having a jolly time on a teeter totter, me and Elder Meriles jolly at the waterfall, a pizza we made, and an odd portrait of my companion and I... hm.  Tis swell.