Elder Sanders

Elder Sanders

Monday, August 13, 2012

weel # 54

HELLO , and here I am!  Well, as you can find in the attachments, I wrote half of my letter in hand-written script, so enjoy it there! But until then,it sounds as if all you guys have had a wonderful week! The park city art festival!  Ah! How I wished to be there!  But, all is well, for we have investigators and an upcoming baptism!  Yes!  Read the attachment to see all wonder revealed!

 But, I hope you enjoy it and, in accordance to the story in the letter, all ended well for us.  Consciousness clear and souls filled with increased knowledge!    Have a mighty fine week! 
-Elder Sanders
Photos: me and my buddy Elder Wells (from Chantel`s letter) having a jolly time on a teeter totter, me and Elder Meriles jolly at the waterfall, a pizza we made, and an odd portrait of my companion and I... hm.  Tis swell.

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  1. Espero que todas las experiencias y ejemplos de misioneros, sean útiles para mi y darme cuenta que todo lo que haré en la misión es llevar almas para Nuestro Padre Celestial y lo haré como una aventura única. :)