Elder Sanders

Elder Sanders

Monday, July 30, 2012

Week # 53

Hello Sanders clan,

 I will write fast and in stylish bullet points for I only have a fraction of time due to our P-Day festivities!

-WOW! My jaw just about dropped and my heart lurched with spiritual grandeur after reading about Paige Rabb´s story... wow!  I hope she´s alright, and am glad that she was able to have that experience, as scary as it may have been. I´m SO glad it ended well.

-We have found a new family this week, and they are what we call GOLDEN!  It´s an 18 year old member wife and her non-member super spiritually hungry husband, Alex, and he is to be baptized in 2 weeks!  And he´s already attended church for a month and received an answer to his prayer through a mega-dream!  BLESSINGS!

-Looks like you had fun at the zoo, how´s the family?  (plus, Elder Wells, the missionary who sent chantel a letter, would love a letter, or even a note in return)

-Hm. not too much happened.  Well, the change is over in 2 weeks!  So I think I´ve made some room in my suitcases, so if you wish, you can ask me for some stuff to buy here in Otavalo, and I´ll do my best to see if I can get them!

-MEGA PLUS- congrats to Noah for returning strong from his mission!  Ask him to send a letter for me,
(in fact, ask ALL friends in hearing range to write me, I haven´t received a letter from them since December!)

Well, I hope you´re all well, and to close here is my spiritual thought:

Having true faith in Christ is not just believing in Him, but to believe Him.  True faith is not just believing he exists, but to trust in his word, and to believe that he truly loves us and that we can take confidence in the Atonement.  That´s faith!

-Elder Eden Sanders,  OUT!

(forgot my camera cord, sorry! No photos this week!)

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