Elder Sanders

Elder Sanders

Monday, September 17, 2012

Week #60 month 14 !!!! 10 months to go !!!!!

Hello!  ¡Hola! ¡Ali Punja! Komosao! (That`s Korean, right?)

Well!  Here I am, thriving and bursting with vigor!  It`s good to her that all in the world of Happy Valley is going well, a conference from Elder Oaks and then a temple dedication next week?  Sounds rather marvelous, quite indeed.  But, congrats on your anniversary Mom and Dad, and also a MEGA congrats to KT! Wow! Peers getting married is such a new concept!  

  Alright, so this has been a busy week indeed.  The best part about it though was that we found plenty of new people!  Yes, as of the moment we have a grand total of SEVEN people with baptismal dates!  YES!  The first three are named Allison, Sharon, and Billy Mori, who are to be baptized this Saturday!  They are all 15 and under, and are very ready to enter in the fold of the Good Shepherd.  And, we are currently making plans to convert the whole family, but are momentarily hindered because her and her husband are living together without being married, (which is a problem because they are breaking the law of Chastity, and must comply with all the commandments to show to the Lord they are willing to continue keeping them after baptism, check out Moroni 6:2-3,  
Neither did they receive any unto baptism save they came forth with a abroken bheart and a contrite spirit, and witnessed unto the church that they truly repented of all their sins.
 And none were received unto baptism save they atook upon them the name of Christ, having a determination to serve him to the end.

 I always share it during every baptismal interview I conduct.)

Then, for the 29th, we have an 8 year old and her old grandmother/relative (they`re related somehow, ;) ) who are to be baptized!  Both are great, and it`s rather funny, because they both have the same understanding rate when we teach! But we love them both.  And finally, we have one sister named Hermana Vi, who is wife to a less-active member, and who just had a baby, who we just found.  She`s already attended church a few times (actually, more than her husband!) and we have planned to baptize her later in October, but she also needs to get married, so keep them all in your prayers!

  And for other news... Hm.  We did find a lot of people, and I`m still in camera withdrawals :(   What did happen?  Well, if anything, I`d say we had a lot more refocusing on using the Book of Mormon in missionary work, to a point where we are trying to use it in every lesson, and if possible, every contact.  I even began to do a practice where I won`t leave home unless i have a Book of Mormon in my hand, ready to be used.  Just like a soldier, whose rifle would be rather useless if he left it in his backpack all day, and not in hand, prepared for anything. So, that`s what we have done, and it`s been working wonderfully!  Our investigators and members really can find an answer to any question in that book!  For those who do not yet have a testimony of the Book of Mormon, don`t delay!  Keep your Bible in one hand, and the Book of Mormon in the other!   Only using one without the other is as pointless as a man with only one stilt!

  But, I am also a little worried, because do you all remember back in April when I wasn`t getting along with my companion? 4 rancid weeks of disdain?  Well, that exact same situation is starting to emerge here!  NO!  How did it happen again!  So... I guess I`ll just have to see what I can do, I really don`t want to be in that situation again.    But, If I have seen one truth from my 11 companions which I have had in my mission, that the only time someone didn`t get along with me, is when they weren`t exactly obedient.  (I don`t mean to say they`re wicked and don`t deserve to be here, but when they don`t take into consideration the difference of being a conformist and exactly obedient.)         

  But, I`m doing well, and it seems you all are too, so, until next week!

-Elder Sanders

PS: For the camera, pretty much technology here is a year or so back and everything electronic is essentially double the price that it is in the United States, so I think it would be best if you sent me a new camera from home.  You could probably send another small cheap Nikon like the one I had, it was only $90.00 .    And perhaps, throw in some  and root-beer extract.  (yes, with carbonated water and that, I can make homemade root beer! Yum!)   Alright, so that`d be good, thanks for all your willingness to help out!