Elder Sanders

Elder Sanders

Monday, May 21, 2012

week #44

HELLO! ¡HOLA! ¡Alli Chishi! 

How art thou?   WELL!  Before I get into anything else, I have GRAND, MARVELOUS news!  So, we received changes, and (sadly!) Elder Bardzinski has left to Quito!  EGADS!  But, here`s the exciting part:  I have been upgraded!  Elder Sanders is no longer a junior companion, he is now to be known as:
1-Senior Companion!
2-District Leader!
                              LEVEL UP!                   
YES! So now I have a cell phone, need to do capacitations every Thursday, and this Wednesday I am to receive my child!  (Mission slang for having a new missionary to train)  So, I have no Idea who he will be, but I`m going to be a Dad!  And lead my new lad into the world of the Mission Quito Ecuador!  WOOT!  I am super nervous yet super excited, ha ha!  So much responsibility given in such a small amount of time.  The destiny of my trainee rests in my palms...
And for other Glorious news, we are going to have a baptism this Saturday!  The 2 kids we have been teaching this last week, John and Nelly, and ready ! Elder Burr, our zone leader, performed their baptismal interviews yesterday and said it was unbelievable.  Both of them are 100% to follow Christ, and after he told us that during those 2 interviews the spirit was so strong that he cried in both of them.    
       Their family is so lovable!  They consist of at least 7 kids under the age of 10, with their mom and other family there.    And also, their mom is rather inactive, and she really REALLY wants to come back into the church, so we`ll be sure to be there to help them out.
And for other news, we have another baptism planned for June 2, (a 9 year old girl named Samita, whose family is less active but they are also willing to activate again and follow strong!), and congrats to Taylor Dietz!     
And before I continue further...
Off to Junior High and other Marvelous places, I`ll try to send you a card.... or something.  Hm.  I still need to find the post office.
BUT! Thanks for all you`re doing, I`m glad you`re reading your scriptures every day, and the canyon trip looked like so much fun... I`ll be sure to catch the next trip :) .   
Until later!
District Leader/Trainer Elder Sanders
Here are pics of my final moment with Elder Bardzinski, our zone, me in our sector with the city far below, and Elder Burr by some nifty graffiti with a message about the dangers of television!  Enjoy!

Week #43

Why hello there family!  I am just doing oh so peachy-keen!

So, that phone call went way too fast!  But my, was it stupendous!  It was SO good to see everyone, my sisters, parents, and cousins!  What a swell afternoon! I´ll have to treasure the memory of the phone call until Christmas time I suppose, because that will be our next Skype-chat!  But it was as nice as a bowl of peaches and cream... 

So!  Other than that, we had a great week, it seems as if right as our change is starting to end we are getting super blessed!  We received a reference and found a new family, where the grandparents are Catholic, the sons are Evangelist, and 2 others are inactive members of our church.  Right now, we are teaching the inactive parents´  children, who are SUPER excited to be baptized!  They were asking the missionaries if they could get baptized, and it was great!  So far, we have 2 with a baptismal date, John who is 9, and Nelly who is 11.  And they came to church on Sunday!  Our first church assistance of the change!  So I just hope that Elder Bardzinski and I can stick together for this next change so we can see everyone go through for baptism. 

As for our other families, we have 2 others, the Familias  The family Fuen were the ones that listened to the missionaries a few years ago, and right now the daughter seems very ready for baptism.  The family Cahas a wife who was baptized at age 14, but is inactive because she´s been attending the nearby Catholic church with her parents for many years.  It´s just tough because apparently she doesn´t remember anything from her conversion to our church, she doesn´t even remember her baptism!  How tough is that!  And as soon as we can find her husband when he´s not working, we´ll tell you how he´s doing.  But we have High Hopes!

As for this week, we did 2 service projects, visited a lot of members, and today we took a trip to the waterfall in our sector.  It was mighty!  And now, we are going to enjoy the rest of our P-Day.  Also, this last Sunday while we were at church, during my companion´s talk the members started pointing backwards and whispering stuff. I took a peek, and beheld a large group of American college girls outside.  Crazy! Turns out they were BYU students down here for the nursing program, and they attending Sacrament with us, and we got to meet a lot of them afterwards.  It was ´pretty´ nice (pun!).   But, I didn´t see anyone I knew from home, but still great to talk to peers in my native tongue!!!!!!!!!!!! 

WELL! I´m low on time, but to close I gave a Marvelous talk on Mother´s day during church!  All about how Mother´s have the divine responsibility to raise their children to live in the gospel and guide the church by their example.  It made me feel all spongy inside!

BUT! I love you all, have fun at school/work, and farewell!

-Elder Eden Sanders

PS- photos

here are photos of-

1-our mother´s day activity at the church
2-a snapshot of our service project type, building a roof with cement!
3- and us at the waterfall!

Week #42

Good Afternoon one and all!  I`d say that this has been a stupendous week!  Very busy, and rather tough!

Ok, this week was rather good, we did some contacting and visited a lot with the members, all for the purpose of trying to find someone to teach.  So, without success, we decided to sit down and have a major study session on what we can do to find new people.  And then it struck like lightning!  My companion received revelation that it would be swell to try contacting with a member, to give us a hand with Quichua and to serve as an extra witness to the gospel for the people.  So, this last week we gave it a shot and brought out a member that is preparing to serve a mission.  We only hit 2 houses until magic struck! We had found a family of 5!!!  Apparently, they had listened to missionaries about a year or so ago, and they are interested to start listening again!  WOOT!!!   So, keep the family  in mind, for shall return to teach them this next week.

So, in our sectors there are only a few buses or so, but we find that we are walking the majority of the time.  And we are just plain tired!  (Only missionaries that work hard feel tired, haha!  :) ) , But, our area is pretty safe so we usually travel everywhere on foot without worries of being mugged by anyone.    And yes, my companion and I are just a mighty team of wonder!  We are getting along great, and we both are working hard.  I`m actually in his last days, because he goes home in 2 changes! GASP! But it would be great to stick with him here until he goes home, for this place is just spiffing!

Alrighty then, you guys asked what`s one detail of an aspect from the mission, so here`s a bit on contacting!  So, in the morning, when we are planning and find that there are holes between lessons planned, we decide to devote that time to contact!  We usually trek out to a place where we haven`t spent much time or don`t know very well, and start knocking on doors.  (Or we could talk to people on buses, in stores, or in the street, but I like door contacts the best).   When we find someone who answers, we usually ask how they are, and give them an introduction on who we are and why we`re there.  And from then on, we usually act based on how we feel.  Sometimes we testify, sometimes we share a part of a lesson, or we even `machete` them (AKA chastize) a little, always asking if they are interested or if we can come in to share something with them.   About 90% of the time it`s a rejection, whether they reject us before we can speak or after we testify a bit, but the majority of the time we just plan a return visit, and we seldom get into a house within our first contact with them.  But hey! It happens, just like the family we found this week!

But!  I fear that is all the time I have for the moment, so I`ll just have to see you all, IN PERSON, this SATURDAY!!! MEAT!

-Elder Sanders

Here are some pics of a ward mission work activity that we had, my companion wearing Ottavalian attire in our house, me in a junglish part of our sector, a quick letter for mom, and me EATING A SNAIL! Just like candy!