Elder Sanders

Elder Sanders

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Week #50 !!!!!

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WEEK #50 !!!!! Friday the 13th is ONE YEAR MARK !

Another fine week!  And especially for you guys! WOW! Park city, air balloons, Gnocchis, 4th of July and more!  What a fun time you all are having!

Well, it seems as I am a little short on time, so I`ll write fast!

But before I start...

THANK YOU!!!  To Eli, Grandma, Grandpa, Ethan, Zander, Jared, and cousins alike for your marvelous package!  I had received it last week, but forgot to tell you through e-mail it had arrived into my arms safely, the ties are fantastic, the sweaters wonderful, and the candy oh so delectable!

BUT....   This week has been tough, like an old crusty steak!  As of the moment, we still have no new investigators, and our current investigators are not currently progressing.  Sigh...   But never fear!  We are still working hard and visiting the members!  This week we had many good opportunities to serve, from lifting logs for a family we contacted up in the mountains, to doing a blessing for a less active sister`s son who is handicapped and off for surgery.  We always find good opportunities to serve, for that is what a missionary does, isn`t it?  Service?    Yes!

As for other news, we are still visiting with the family Rama, Olga C, and we finally found the Family Fuentes again.  Olga is... faltering.  And we can`t quite figure out why, but the family Rama are so close to baptism!  Yesterday we had a lesson with them where we brought a large group of power members and had a testimony meeting with him in order to get him excited for baptism, and although it was all in Kichwa (well... Quichua) it went very well!  So wish them luck!

And also, we`re getting along well, and this last week we tried a test, to get rid of all the slang in our vocabulary.  And the prize was a box of Kinder Chocolates (a Dutch sort of candy, I think the Lechtenbergs know of them!) if we could do a day with out it.  On day one, we lost within the first hours of the day!  But, we kept striving, day after day until Sunday we did it!  We used no slang!  Ha ha!  Clean heart, pure mind!  ( that chocolate was so good!)

And that is that... hm.  What else happened?        ...

Has anyone ever heard of or read `Our search for happiness by Elder M Russell Ballard?`   If not, it is small and great!  Find a copy and read it well, it is rather like a gigantic overview of the church and our beliefs, and I find it be rather spectacular!

Well, and that is all, study your scriptures and pray daily!

The formula for a Christ-Centered home is: 
1-Weekly Family Home Evening, (to learn doctrine and resolve family concerns)
2-Daily Scripture study as a family (to learn more doctrine and treasure up the words of life)
3-Daily Family Prayer (to be united as a family, and...    um...    you know.)


-Elder Sanders

PHOTOS:  A picture of me with a Guanabana, they are delicious!  And 2 drawings: one of the title of liberty for our chapel and one of my missionary plaque scripture

Week #49

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Week #49

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