Elder Sanders

Elder Sanders

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Week #13

Hola Hola Hola!

 Tis` I, Elder Sanders reporting in for the week!    Once again, thanks for your jubilicious letters, they are oh so tasty!  (figuratively) (And I got your letter Jaimie, I shall write swiftly! I hope...) And I also just found out that you guys can still do DearElders!  The only problem is they are delayed, and I can only pick them up when I or someone else goes to the offices, but still please send them anyways! no matter when they get here, they are always appreciated.  Next: I got the package of letters from Woods Cross!  I haven`t had a chance to read them all yet, or my other e-mails from Dad and Chantel, but I shall read and answer them very soon!  (And I may have to send out letters to Dave & Jessica by E-mail, post offices down here are sort of rare, or just far away. )    OH! And the plaque looks awesome and yes, I did draw a picture of Christ in Adam`s classroom.
OK!  Next I`m just gonna tell you guys all about the fun stuff that`s been going on.   First, in the priesthood session of conference, W. Christopher Waddell, I got to meet him at the Peru CCM!  HA HA!   Next, sometimes in Ecuador the water and power sometimes turn off for an hour or so unexpectedly, and when we found our electricity was out, and not turning back on, we had to investigate.  It turns out that the last missionaries that were in our house didn`t pay the power bill, and lo and behold our electricity was cut!  Not only did we have no lights, but our fridge was out and our hot water too!  (yes, showers here are run by an electrical device attached to the shower head).  So for 3 days it sort of... sucked.  (yep, I know how you feel E.Leishman!)  But now all is well and warm.

  Also, We GOT TO MAKE PIZZAS!  Both on Thursday (only E.Redd and I) and today, with the entire district (and we also were able to watch Tangled in Spanish too, with apple-crisp! double treats!!)  Mayhem and happiness!  Thank you so much mom for that delicious pizza recipe, it was a `taste of home`!   (Puns...)  Oh yeah, I thought I could forever escape allergies and road construction halfway across the world, right? Ha Ha...  WRONG.    My eyes are itchy and the road is all torn up by our house... I guess that`s just the way it is!
 So, right now we have 2 progressing families that have a baptism for the 22 of October, (the closest ones we have so far), la familia Castillo y la familia Vallasteros.  Both awesome, We have other investigators, and are visiting ward members, and it`s pretty good.  We are always busy with appointments (citas) and contacting, so all is running smoothly.   
And as for a spiritual thought, `while I`ve been studying and watching people accept and reject us, I`ve taken a lot of thought into people`s desires. Our salvation, our life, our choices are all based on our initial desires.  If we want to live righteously and be saved or reject and fall short of glory, it`s based on what we want.  (we have the choice to choose) also, in the Scriptures it says we will be judged on our actions and desires.  So, if we follow a commandment, but don`t want to do it at all, (such as paying tithing grudgingly) then we`re not following the commandment 100%.  And same with prayer, if you have faith and sincere desire to know, then you will be blessed with an answer.  Neat, huh? Just something I`ve been noticing more and more often.
Ok, to close I would just like to say...
yep, I was going to send a card or something, but the post office deal is quite tedious. So I think I`ll have to take a pic and send it to you.  (Alas, I have no time now to send it now but I shall next letter!) 
And also for pics, I`m attaching some of us making pizzas, and a few of my conference 
PS- the orange juice down here is to die for!