Elder Sanders

Elder Sanders

Monday, January 21, 2013

Powerful testimony of Christ-. Week 77 - 27 left :)

Hello dearest family!

 This has been a rather eventful week!  We`ve had many new things occur!

First off, BAPTISMS!!! yes, the 2 sons of Pat  have been received wonderfully into the fold!  The service went great, many people arrived to the service (including 2 investigators), and they both bore powerful testimonies!  Twas great!  And their dad is the next in line!  So I hope that he will make the choice sometime soon! HE IS SO CLOSE!!! All he needs is a little nudge, and he'll be there.

But, as we have success, also disappointment, for it seems as if we may be losing our investigator Nancy (the once-Jehovah`s Witness lady).  So it turns out that during all this time with her she hasn`t prayed about anything we had taught, and she told us that she didn`t want to, that she was scared to do so.  But we were with her for over an hour and a half, but to no avail!  So if this next lesson doesn`t look any brighter we may not be able to keep visiting with her.  Joy and sorrow of the mission!
But for happy news again, we are to have 3 baptisms this Saturday!  The family S. ! So we hope all goes well,

And today for P-Day, we went fishing!  Why? because my companion is a fishing addict :)   SO we went, and turns out, it was just a pool with many  many fish already in it.  Great because you could catch a medium sized trout in less than 2 seconds (literally), but also a little bad because after 5 minutes you already had 10 fish!  So, we kept the big ones, and tonight, we are going to cook them! MM!!!

Also!  On the way over, we saw a special ad campaign thing, because right now the elections are going on, and what do you know!!! The PRESIDENT OF ECUADOR drove by and we got a photo!  Neat right? Perfect timing on our part.

And interviews too went great, I think I`ll try to send a copy of my goals once I can get of picture of them, but all in all, it went great.

And it seems I`m low on time, so I think I`ll end with that requested testimony. I hope it helps with Meikayla`s talk:

  `I feel that oft-times I don`t give as much thanks as I should to our Savior for what he did for us, and even if I could give all I could muster in the effort to do so, it still would not be enough, for what he did for us was so incomprehensible grand and glorious that it envelops everything we could possibly do for him.  What our Lord and Master accomplished, the atonement, the creation, and the many other marvelous and magnificent works, are of such great grandeur that it entirely overwhelms us, and it does that because that`s how much the Lord loves us.  His Love is so infinite and immense, so powerful and pure, that countless creations and insurmountable sacrifices have been made by Him for us, his brothers and sisters.  And everything good that we receive here in our lives, is all due to that love which He practically freely gives to us.  And for that, just like in the renowned hymn, I proclaim, `I believe in Christ`.  The author and rock of our salvation.  Amen

Elder Sanders 

The President of Ecuador !!!!!! Presidente Correa

Elder Sanders made the baptism program


photos!-  Baptism photos, baptismal agendas (turned out great!!!) president Correa (as he is called) and us fishing up a storm!