Elder Sanders

Elder Sanders

Monday, November 26, 2012

Week #69 has 35 left

Hello family! 

This has been a good week, plenty of lessons and the work of the lord is progressing!

So first off, it sounds as if Thanksgiving was a blast!  What would I do for some of that food here, apple pie, gravy, turkey, and more!  Actually, we`ve been making instant mashed potatoes about every other day in our sector, and they are just wonderful!  Or for that matter, we`ve been eating and cooking like kings!  Hash-browns, french toast, spaghetti, and Monte-Cristo sandwiches!  (for those that don`t know, it`s a ham/egg/cheese sandwich, dunked in pancake batter, deep fried, and then sprinkled with powdered sugar and syrup!  You sure feel guilty while cooking it, but once tongue meets sandwich- MMM!!!)

And, unfortunately for us, there was a member family planning on making the zone a thanksgiving dinner, but at the last minute they flaked out!  So my first thanksgiving  was without the, well, Thanksgiving dinner!  :-/

But other than that...

First on our list of events is a confirmation of Jorge Arequipa,  the member that was baptized 3 weeks ago!  But, as happy as we were, only he was confirmed and not his wife!  I guess that morning she felt rushed and oppressed to do, and didn`t go to church, but that  night we were able to visit with her and now she seems alright again, so NEXT week she`ll be as clean as  snow!

And as of right now, here are our investigators:
-Patricia Maldonado, a sweet mom from the coast who had listened to the Elder`s earlier and now lives here, and has a burning passion to enter the waters of baptism!  Her husband and sons are soon to follow!

-Jaime , a dad of a family composed of members that were baptized about 6 months ago, but he never did.  For many weeks, we had been trying to get him to church, and he never did, BUT last week we shared a powerful lesson on the atonement and how we go to church to show Christ we`re grateful and respectful for his sacrifice for us, and what happened on Sunday?  HE WAS THERE!!!   We were rather surprised and happy that he pulled through for The Lord!

- Family V  was a reference who we taught in the hospital 3 weeks ago, and now we are visiting him!  He doesn`t have a baptismal date yet, because he`s still recuperating, but we hope he can soon!

-Lorenzo , brother of a new convert, he wants to be baptized but works about 90% of the time available in a week, quite literally, but once we find him, he`ll be good to go!

So, those are the ones were focusing on for the moment, just to give you all a taste of who we`re working with, so keep them in your prayers too!

Well, that`s all the news for the moment, for I`m a little low on time due to some radical shirts my companion and I made with the first counselor, (who works on the first floor of where we live), and they turned out just MEATY!!! I`ll see if I can wear that new tie to a training meeting sometime...

SO!  Keep your scripture goals thriving, enjoy the most gnarly Christmas tree the Sanders house has ever experienced, and be thankful!

Elder Sanders

Hm.. Spiritual thought:  What if you woke up one morning and only had the things that you had prayed you were thankful for, and everything you neglected to thank God for had vanished? 
                    -Is this not how we should always pray?