Elder Sanders

Elder Sanders

Monday, April 22, 2013

A day and a life of a missionary, Week 90, 10 wks left

What a wonderful Week!

So to begin, I would just love to say...


Who knew? Paraguay!  It looks like we`ll all be Spanish-speaking-masters in no time at all, I bet everyone is way excited! I will spread the good news to everyone,   And I am very glad to hear that I`ll be able to get home to see her before the Grand Departure. Life is just an adventure of excitement!

 In accordance to the title of the email, this has been a very Rainy Week!  We`ve been traveling in cascades of water all week!  So we`ve been a bit wet, but happy. :)

So!  A news update on the family Z.  They haven`t got married yet, but they are doing their papers today and will be ready to marry late this week, and if all goes well, Baptized by Saturday!  So we are excited!  

We also have another person with a baptismal date named Luis Z (no family relation!)  He heard the missionaries a few years ago, and his wife is a less-active member.  So we hope that he`ll be able to progress and baptize! It seems as if he wants to know which church is true, and is just begging to be taught about Joseph Smith and the Restoration.  So we will be ready!  We go back this Wednesday.

Aside from that... hm.  Nothing really happened this week.   I`m just not too sure what to write on!

So... here is an overview of a normal day in Carclen, but Dramatized!:

´The day was tranquil, and the soft sky warmed as the sun brimmed above the skyline.  The early morning was quite serene, and we did find our two Elders peacefully dreaming soundly of memories of home.  But their serene sleep was shattered by the violent blaring of the alarm clock!  The Elders were recklessly launched out of their beds by gigantic hydrolic springs and they were cast to their knees onto the hard, cold, tile floor.  They shivered and blinked sore eyes, they were so tired!  But the time to rest was over, for the day had begun!

Hands clapped together and their groggy voices rang out in humble prayer.  But the prayer ended quick, good things cannot last for too long!  And they found themselves on their feet, straining their bodies in cruel exercise!  They breathed hard for the air was so cold and dry, but soon began to warm as blood began to speed through their numb limbs.  Then it was over!  Beads of sweat ensured that it was time to shower!  The electric shower head sparked and sputtered out smoke as cold water went through a pathetic heat transfer, issuing a slow trickle of warm water.  But it was enough to carry out the deed!  Within minutes the Elders were dressed in sharp, ironed suits.  With shining shoes and taut ties, they commenced to cook a mighty breakfast, but halfway through they realized their feast had robbed them of time, it was time to study!  

Dirty plates shattered as they were thrown into the sink, and the study sessions began!  Their minds became encased in an orb of spiritual energy, and they filled their craniums with precious, prized knowledge of the gospel wonders!  After hours of being enriched by this ritual, they stood stalwartly at the door.  It was time to head out!  Another prayer ensured the spirit would be with them during the day, and with a large stride they embraced the world!

The first item on the list was to contact.  They walked up to a mighty fortress, with tall spiked walls and heavy bolted doors.  They rapped three times upon the metal surface, and a figure partially emerged from one of the high towers above.  `How goest thou?!` yelled the stranger.  `WE BE MISSIONARIES!` came the reply.   In disgust and fear the fortress keeper slammed shut the partially open window. What a loss!  But they did not fear, for there were many more fortresses to be contacted! 10 houses gave the same raw rejection, but alas!  The eleventh house had been softened!  The bay doors opened and a heavy bridge dropped across the moat, and there stood a young family.  They let the Elders into their castle and they did teach them the wonders of the Gospel, and they were enlightened!  Veils of doubt were thrown from their heads so that their spiritual eyes could be opened, and though the light stung their retinas at the start, they did see the glory of the church as they adjusted to the new light!  

The first job was over, a new family had accepted the Gospel!

The next task that lay ahead of them was to teach the family with a baptismal date.   They continued onward, the noonday sun scorching their soft gringo skin, but they did accept it with joy!  Soon they found their way to the designed location, and did teach the family!  They were well and happy.

Only a few hours left in day!  Too late to contact, no lessons planned, what is a duo of missionaries to do?  Visit and strengthen the members of course!  On they go their abodes!  The houses are strong, but some of the bricks have become brittle as wafer cookies!  The missionaries Spackle the cracks with the cement of Family Home Evening, and build stronger their foundation! (gospel symbolism) The members become thrilled at our service and provide with them with more people to visit and teach, to the Elders they give maps and strategies of those that are lost in trenches who need their help and caribeaners! !  But they will have to wait until the next dawn, for the day is at it´s peak!

They rush home, knowing if they arrive late all our missionary powers will disparate!  The Elders made it on time, and throw heavy packs to the ground, and slam their planners to the table.  It is time for battle strategy!  They plot and plan until their attack strategy for the next day is complete! but their planning has gotten the better of them for it is time to return to their soft beds. They change out of their suits and into more comfortable clothes, but in bed they wiggle, they just have too much energy within them!  At last, they finish with one last prayer, and then feel the heavy waves of sleep drag their eyelids closed.  They switch on to sleep mode, and wrap into cocoon like shapes in their warm beds.  The day has been won, and lucky for them, another one waits in the morn!

Well!  I hoped you liked it!  that´s a day in the life of a missionary in Carcelen. 
Until next week!

-Elder Sanders