Elder Sanders

Elder Sanders

Monday, October 1, 2012

week # 62

Hello Family!      
 A swell week indeed!   Plenty of action and excitement!    

  Alright! So the biggest newsflash of the week: 2 baptisms! And One confirmation!  only one you may ask?  Well, I shall explain;
Saturday! We had the day planned out, lessons, a meeting, and the baptismal service at 8 PM in the local pool (yes, we still don`t have a baptismal font and the river is muddy and full of deadly jungle beasts! Exaggeration.)   So, all was good until it came to pick everyone for the baptismal service, we found Angela, the 8 year old, but could not find Leonor, the 60 year old!  She had not returned home from work and it was 30 minutes until the service!  But just at 8:00 , she arrived!  And we had the service and it ran wonderfully, they both were baptized and many members were able to arrive. (I`ll be sure to send photos as soon as I can get this computer to accept my companion`s camera)  And then, as we were leaving, Angela`s 12 year old brother informed us that she was going to leave for Quito that night with her mom. 
Talk about bad timing, she left Quito and was unable to be confirmed as a member and receive the Holy Ghost!  Her baptism is only 50% complete!   And next week is general conference too, so we won`t have Sacrament meeting there either, so we`ll have to make an exception and confirm her during the week, or re-do the baptism because the baptism by water and fire (confirmation) must be as close to each as physically possible, in time because they are so related.    But, we`ll figure it out.   Good thing Sister Leonor was able to make it all the way through,  we`re so happy!

   Ah, what else?  Oh yes, the first counselor of the mission arrived to visit and train our little branch, and it went great!  He taught us Saturday, and spoke about how all the organizations should work together to support the family, because all the members form `parts`of the `body` of the church, and we need them all.  Also, he spoke of leadership, as leading people like a shepherd leads his flock, not prodding them from behind with a whip, only criticizing and forcing them to move, but leading by love and example.  

   And! I am no longer first counselor of the branch, for while the first counselor of the mission was here he was able to call other members to fill the spots in the bishopric, so I am released from a grand duty!

AH! So things are going better, my companion and I are getting along better, and we met a less active member who is currently making us hand-made hammocks! They are oh-so-comfortable.   

  So, we`ll keep working, keep finding, and I`ll be sure to keep our companionship in line!

-Elder Sanders

    PS: I was thinking the other day, if we still have the Violin in the house, keep it for me!  For many months I have seen the desire to re-learn how to play it, and I crave to have it in the near future, thanks!

PLUS: Camera update, I haven`t bought one yet because a member of ours is visiting Guayaquil, and says that she can find a good camera which is cheaper over there, so I`m waiting for her to return to bring me a good one, so just wait!  

AND! PSSS:  If you get a chance, could you send a copy of our current family tree, our branch is starting to do family history work and I want an example to show them, thanks double! I love you all! The tall and the small!  (cheesy rhyme)