Elder Sanders

Elder Sanders

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Week #14

Hola once again!

 And once again, I only have 1/2 my email time!  (After studying, doing our district activity, buying food, pulling out money for the week, and bus fare, time really gets sucked out on P-Days, ya know?)   BUT once again, life is going swimmingly.

 I`m doing well, (I just got a little altitude sickness, but I shall write why because it was awesome!)  And yes, congrats to Meghan, Rick and Cash!  I`m am way stoked for you guys!  (As for preparation tips, just read Preach my Gospel thoroughly beforehand, it will help a ton!)     

And before I forget, for the Christmas package there isn`t anything I need (we packed Really Well), but I think it would be great if it included Peachie-O`s (because they have every candy down here except that), a story-tournament T-shirt from our laser tag tourney at Trafalga, since I left before they were created (and if you can`t get one, a Spider man one would probably be way cooler), and by tradition: Legos are a must!!!  
As for us, we have 4 families with a baptismal date, the V's , the Castillos, the Morales, & Hermano Sardiñas.  Out of all of them, the Castillos are going really strong, and Hmo. (Brother) V just informed us he has hefty problems with the Word of Wisdom ACK! (non-church members, ask a member because it`s a great commandment that involves health & harmful substances and takes time to explain!) 
 So his date may need to be bumped back until he can overcome and repent of it.  Plus, Elder Redd has this nifty small white-board that I`ve been using during lessons for very simple visual demonstrations of commandments and Doctrine. So yes, I`m using my talents to bring others unto Christ!  It`s truly a blessing!  Plus, I got to give my first ever blessing in Spanish to someone who was sick, and i`d say it went swell. 
AND!  Mom, could you send me the story of your family`s conversion story? I don`t quite remember all the details and would LOVE to be able to share parts of it with our investigators as they learn more about coming to the Church.  It would be fantastic! 
And today, we got to a big ski-lift attached to an Ecuadorian version of Trafalga, and on top of the mountain we got to see ALL of Quito valley. There are so many houses it is unbelievable crazy to think of all the people who still haven`t had a chance to hear the gospel.  I`ll attach pics, and I love you all!  
-Elder Sanders
PS- As for letters from here, I`d say it takes about a month. 
PSS- OH! And you can still do DearElders!  They send them to mission office, so I get them like every other week, but send thèm anyways!
If you would like to write Eden got to www.dearelder.com
click on select mission , go down to Ecuador Quito-free
then click on write a letter
Fill in the blanks with your name and address
write elder eden sanders on the bottom right corner
and go down and write the letter.
And send....

Its free and Eden obviously :( by what he writes every week would like some letters. You don't need to write a lot just a note so he knows we haven't forgotten him and we love him.
Thanks to all my friends and family that support Eden and are there to share this adventure with him
Love you all
A mom that misses him terribly