Elder Sanders

Elder Sanders

Monday, March 4, 2013

Week 83 !!! 21 weeks and 147 days left :)


I have not been so busy since eras back!  So, life being a zone leader is rather exciting, more forms, more verifications to send, and more work!  But, I do love it so!  And so you know, I only have 14 missionaries in our zone, including ourselves.  Not too bad, but there are a few in there that really need help!

So, for this week, for those who know missionary work, we had a contacting week.  By that, I mean everyday was spent knocking on doors and looking for references!  What work!  But we also were able to get some fruits by the end of it!  We found a few new investigators, and one of them has a baptismal date for the 16th.  Her name is Jobi, she´s from the coast, used to live here, and attended church 2 years ago because her sister is a member. SO WE ARE WAY EXCITED!

 As for other tidbits, Elder Bloxham and I are doing wonderfully as a companionship!  Since the MTC, we have barely seen each other due to all the sectors we´ve been in, but now we are tearing it up!  LITERALLY.   Yesterday, for fun, we were running on a skinny curb and Elder Bloxham slipped, FLEW off to the side, and landed in a Barb Wire Fence!  OW!  He was mostly alright, and got a few punctures from the menacing spikes (shown in the photos attached), but he´s fine now. 

And for a nice spiritual moment, we were contacting doors on Friday, and were a bit down because it seemed no one wanted to listen to us at the moment, and those who did want to listen didn´t want to accept our message, and we eventually got to a black metal door, knocked on it, and heard from inside an old lady asking who we were.  We promptly said we were missionaries, but after a few sentences, it seemed she wasn´t interested either, and didn´t even want to open the door.  And then! Head rested on door, a bit humble, I felt that it would be good to tell her we were sent there by Christ to bring her a message.  So, I did.  Then, there was a long, silent pause.  Did I say something wrong?  Then the door sprung open, and there she was!  We began to speak with her, and ended up having a great lesson and even give her a book of Mormon.    How about that!  Just from that small impression, we had a new investigator!  Listen to the spirit!

Well, tonight we have a Super-Special capacitation (training meeting) with president Ghent, which usually isn´t common.  The Assistants called us on Saturday, and I guess that he wanted to organize a personalized meeting with our zone.  So I´m excited to see what he has for us!  I have a hunch it may be on finishing the mission to the end, because about 6 or missionaries in our zone only have a few months left in teh mission, and may be getting ´Trunky!´

So I´ll tell you next week how it goes, but it will be great!  Until then,  Elder Sanders Out!

photos: , a member´s birthday party, and us enjoying homemade sloppy-joes!