Elder Sanders

Elder Sanders

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Week 70 - 34 left ! Wonderful Sunday !

 Edens view from his bedroom !the back: some trees, a cathedral, and in the back: A Volcano!

Edens view from his apartment ! the front with a cobble stone city street,
 He loves to cook ! Cant wait to taste all his new recipes :)

SO!  One and all!  We have had another joyous week! 

So, just so you all know:  THANKS FOR THE PACKAGE!!!

  I did take photos!  I did eat candy!  I did sketch much!  So, although it feels as if Christmas morn has come a bit early, I am just peached to know that all went well!  And for that matter, I TOO am sending a letter full of hand-paintings for you guys, kind of like the one last year, so that should be there in about a month or less.

Ok, so news of the week!  Well, I think I`ll just skip to Sunday! For it seems that is where all the good stuff happened.

So, in the morning, we passed by Gisela , the one who 3 weeks ago was baptized, yet never confirmed.  We arrived, and found her outside, in pajamas and sandals, and she expressed to us how once again (fourth time!) she could not attend church, and her much-needed confirmation would have to wait another week.  So, feeling that I would not leave there without her, I explained how every week `things` would get in the way to not let her attend church, that the adversary was doing all in his power so that she could not get confirmed, and that would keep happening each week until she took a step of faith/sacrifice to attend.  But, we did leave without her, heavy-hearted.     BUT- about 20 minutes into sacrament meeting, my companion burst in surprise, and motioned for me to look back, and there!  In neat clothing, hair washed, was her!    We were astounded!  So, she was confirmed, and THEN!  (yeah, there`s more!)  she went up to bear her testimony, odd because she`s REALLY shy, and literally sobbing said she was thankful for the help of the members, and the missionaries (Super Feel-Goods) and shared how the gospel had helped her marriage.

So, that was probably the best part of the week, not to mention that Sunday we also had SEVEN investigators attend!  Which is lovely because normally only 1 or 2 attend each week, so...  I think I can safely say that your fasting for our investigators truly worked wonders!  THANK-YOU on their behalf...

And I did get to go the Christmas devotional, and it was mighty!  We got to make a `gringo` room for the english speakers, and after we sung some carols in Spanish!   So it was  very nice...

Hm. It seems I`m short on time!  So, until next week to all! I have places to go and people to convert!

-Elder Sanders

PHOTOS:  Well, it seems we`ve done a lot of cooking this week!  A man-sized  Hash brown/Keish pie and me making some Patacones, which are rather like thick, mighty banana chips.  Also, 2 views from our house: the front with a cobble stone city street, and the back: some trees, a cathedral, and in the back: A Volcano!  Ha ha!  Until next time!