Elder Sanders

Elder Sanders

Monday, May 21, 2012

Week #43

Why hello there family!  I am just doing oh so peachy-keen!

So, that phone call went way too fast!  But my, was it stupendous!  It was SO good to see everyone, my sisters, parents, and cousins!  What a swell afternoon! I´ll have to treasure the memory of the phone call until Christmas time I suppose, because that will be our next Skype-chat!  But it was as nice as a bowl of peaches and cream... 

So!  Other than that, we had a great week, it seems as if right as our change is starting to end we are getting super blessed!  We received a reference and found a new family, where the grandparents are Catholic, the sons are Evangelist, and 2 others are inactive members of our church.  Right now, we are teaching the inactive parents´  children, who are SUPER excited to be baptized!  They were asking the missionaries if they could get baptized, and it was great!  So far, we have 2 with a baptismal date, John who is 9, and Nelly who is 11.  And they came to church on Sunday!  Our first church assistance of the change!  So I just hope that Elder Bardzinski and I can stick together for this next change so we can see everyone go through for baptism. 

As for our other families, we have 2 others, the Familias  The family Fuen were the ones that listened to the missionaries a few years ago, and right now the daughter seems very ready for baptism.  The family Cahas a wife who was baptized at age 14, but is inactive because she´s been attending the nearby Catholic church with her parents for many years.  It´s just tough because apparently she doesn´t remember anything from her conversion to our church, she doesn´t even remember her baptism!  How tough is that!  And as soon as we can find her husband when he´s not working, we´ll tell you how he´s doing.  But we have High Hopes!

As for this week, we did 2 service projects, visited a lot of members, and today we took a trip to the waterfall in our sector.  It was mighty!  And now, we are going to enjoy the rest of our P-Day.  Also, this last Sunday while we were at church, during my companion´s talk the members started pointing backwards and whispering stuff. I took a peek, and beheld a large group of American college girls outside.  Crazy! Turns out they were BYU students down here for the nursing program, and they attending Sacrament with us, and we got to meet a lot of them afterwards.  It was ´pretty´ nice (pun!).   But, I didn´t see anyone I knew from home, but still great to talk to peers in my native tongue!!!!!!!!!!!! 

WELL! I´m low on time, but to close I gave a Marvelous talk on Mother´s day during church!  All about how Mother´s have the divine responsibility to raise their children to live in the gospel and guide the church by their example.  It made me feel all spongy inside!

BUT! I love you all, have fun at school/work, and farewell!

-Elder Eden Sanders

PS- photos

here are photos of-

1-our mother´s day activity at the church
2-a snapshot of our service project type, building a roof with cement!
3- and us at the waterfall!

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