Elder Sanders

Elder Sanders

Monday, December 24, 2012

Week 71 !

Hello one and all! I´m VERY short on time today, due to a grand activity that we had in our zone!  And as says the title, we had our long lost thanksgiving dinner!  Odd, because instead of turkey we had Chelean-style Fettuchini with Chorisos mixed in, but still very VERY good!
Alright, since time at the moment is as precious as a loaf of bread during a famine, I shall give you this weeks news in stylish bullet points!

-Baptism indeed!  Yes, Patricia was officially confirmed!  And all her family came to church!  Not to mention, her R.M. brother from Guayaquil came down and did the ordinance himself!  So we´re celebrating, and not to mention, her 2 sons told us they want to be baptized too!  Plans are underway!

- Christmas to come! This Friday is our Christmas dinner with the mission president!  I´m also rather excited to give him a spiffy card I drew for him and his wife (attached)

-Changes! This is the last week of the change, so I hope we both get to stay together for Christmas!

-Caroling!  This Sunday, we left with our zone to sing to investigators!  It went well, especially since we had stylish home-made matching scarves!

-Christmas phone call!  YES! So, this Tuesday the 25th we are to Skype!  We just need to see what time will work out best, but we are pretty much good from the Morning up to 4 O´clock at night.

-Also! This Saturday, we are going to have English classes! Taught by the only Gringos in Latacunga: us!  So we hope it goes well, we are to do it to bring in member support and new investigators through our efforts

Well, it seems that is all that is going on for the moment, so unfortunately, I must sign out!  But, I must say, I loved the photos, and am super-jealous of all that delicious Christmas food that you had indulged!  (next year.... :)  )       But! Also thanks for the Talk, and I wish you all very well!  Good luck KT and congrats to all the new missionaries about to encounter the world!

-Elder Sanders

-A sketch I did in my companion´s memory book
- The baptism!
-Us eating late night hotdogs with two of the first counselor´s boys
- Our mighty thanksgiving lunch
- Most of our zone, ready to sing our lungs out!

¡Hasta Ver!

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