Elder Sanders

Elder Sanders

Monday, December 24, 2012

Week 72


Dearest family and friends!  How are you all today?  Fine I hope!

WELL!   It`s been a nice week, not too much news on mission work but plenty of news on fun Christmas stuff!

To start off, changes have come!  And what has happened?  Well, I shall explain from Sunday morning:  We were at church, and just twitching because we knew the transfers were coming, and we felt our doom of seperating was imminent!  And to add on that, Rafael, the 8 year old son of Patricia  (who was baptized a week or so ago)  came up to my companion and I, and literally crying, gave us both hand-made cards! (how sweet!  I took a photo and attached it for you guys, Mom will have to translate it) Turns out he really, REALLY didn`t want any of us to go!  But, his mom told him, that if he prayed hard enough that we could stay, it would happen!  So, it turns out he prayed well for we did not leave!  HOORAY!!!

I get to spend Christmas with my buddy in this wonderful sector!  But, it too means that we will need to work harder than ever in this next change, to finish the work we had started a month ago!  ONWARD!!!

And for other news, the dinner with President Ghent and his wife was great!  American dinner, caroling to his neighbors, seeing old friends, and sweet hot cocoa!  Not to mention home made cookies from Sister Ghent and a new note-diary.  Plus, I delivered my hand-made card to them and Sister Ghent just about died with laughter!  So they pretty much loved seeing themselves as cartoonized Mr. and Mrs. Claus.   :)

And also!  The ward talent show!  It was nice overall, but it started 2 hours late, was COMPLETELY unplanned, and ended in a stake dance kind of setting.  So, the ward loved it, which was all that mattered.  And 2 investigators came! YES!  And we also started doing free ENGLISH CLASSES!  (to help bring in more investigators and less-active members to church)  And those have been successful so far.

Hm.  What else?  Ah yes, I have been looking to buy an Otavalanian instrument called the `Quena`  for a while, which is pretty much the most rustic sounding indian flute ever conceived to man, which usually cost around $30 or more, but a handy member got us a great deal, and I got a REALLY nice one for a steal of $12.50!  HA HA!  So in the next few weeks I`m learning how to play the Quena, so I`ll send pics next week of it for you all.

WELL! I think those are all the big news, altough we are to have 2 baptisms this Saturday!  One of the ward, and one convert!  And they both are 9 years old!  SO wish us luck!

And for a spiritual thought when it comes to missionary work: 
       You can count the seeds in an apple, but you can`t count the apples in a seed. 

(let that one soak in)

-Elder Sanders

Photos: A few shots from the Talent show, the Chistmas dinner, the hand-card, the gargantuan moth we found in our house discovering the book of Mormon for the first time, and our `lovely` zone choir.  Enjoy!

I love you all and Merry Christmas

PS- what time should we do our Christmas phone call?

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