Elder Sanders

Elder Sanders

Monday, January 7, 2013

Week # 74 - 30 weeks left


Christmas was mighty!!!

Plenty of candy bags from members, monopoly, and food!  We made homemade Navajo tacos and Wassail! And they turned out waaay good! 
And yes, the phone call was extraordinary…now I`m all trunky!!!  (missing home,missionary slang)  but I did love it.  And it seems as if Christmas was a dream come true for you all too!  We really enjoyed taking a day or so off from missionary work,  wait.  It`s impossible to get a day off from missionary work, isn`t it?  Oh well!

SO! Today we got to go visit Lago Quilotoa!  A giant volcano which inactivated and turned into a beautiful lake!  We did love it indeed! It took about a half an hour to get down to see it, but over an hour to get back up!  It was exhausting! But worth it! I`ll attach photos of our epic journey! We went with a member leaving on his mission in a week, his dad, and Ruben, sister Patricia`s son. 

SO we had fun… until Ruben threw up in the car!  It was bad because he was sitting in the middle!  But we got it all cleaned up. 

What else.. Ah yes!  We also got to help family Maldonado to make an `año Viejo`, an old man made out of newspaper and old clothes to burn on new years!   I don`t know if you recall the tradition,but you make a giant dummy to represent the bad things that happened last year, and then burn it! It represents putting the past behind and forgetting about the bad that was in it!  And then, many men dress up like widowed old ladies,  and stop cars with branches and chain the roads, and won`t let them pass until they give them money, because, well, their `husbands` got burned, and now they are poor and widowed.  Right?  but on the way back from the lake our car got stopped 3 times by the man-ladies!!!  Odd, but it`s an Ecuador special!

Alright, so as for the work, we had 3 new investigators with baptismal dates! BUT NONE OF THEM showed up to church! but we did find a new family of 2 newlyweds, and it seems that Patricia`s husband is going to give permission for her 2 sons to be baptized!  The goal is for the 12th, so we hope it goes well!

Anio Viejo !!!

WELL! That is all for the moment, and I do wish everyone a very Merry Evening,

-Elder Sanders

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