Elder Sanders

Elder Sanders

Monday, March 12, 2012

MONTH 8 !!! 34 weeks !!!

Greetings one and all!  This is your pal, Elder Sanders.

So, before I get into the meat of the letter, congrats to the Plowman`s family on thier new member!  And also my family, and all others! (just because I love ya`all!)   And THAT^S why I could never find my package in the mail. 
(Well, you should resend the T-shirt and Legos, but perhaps for the candy you could just send a small box, those are usually pretty affordable, and be sure to put pictures of Jesus and the Virgen on the box, it`s the security label of south America!)

OK!  Now to explain the title of my letter...

    So, this past week with Elder Housley was great.  In fact, it was stupendous!  Not necessarily because we had a lot of success, (the only success we had was overcoming our sicknesses!), but because of how good friends we`ve become.  It`s crazy how much we have in common!  From hobbies, to quoting songs and movies, and even a love of Legos!  Yes, it was quite nice.  And also, the mission of Quito, Ecuador has been going through quite the metamorphosis!  We had changes 2 weeks ago, and then random changes started to happen the next week, and A LOT of people were being interviewed by the President of the mission. After a week, 7 people in our zone changed!  And many people from other zones, with many district leaders and zone leaders being changed to junior companion and other new people taking their places. 

 But, Elder Housley and I were glad, for we both knew that we were being righteous. We believed all the changes evolving around us would not touch us.  And so here we were, Sunday night visiting all our investigators with a baptismal date as a zone, when the dreaded news came.   Elder Sanders was being sent away to Ambato!  NO!!!        

  But, that also means that Elder Housley and I, the duo of destiny, were to be separated!  And it had only been 2 weeks!  It was like a cannonball to my soul!  So, today was full of distain and despair as I left my beloved sector to Ambato, an area outside of Quito next to an apparently active volcano.  ( Just to joke with Mom :)  )  

BUT! My new companion is named Elder Carcini, a missionary from Southern Mexico, and we shall definitely have some great adventures in this new area! 

  So, I do feel a little sad about the change (and grumpy about the Christmas package :)  (Oh Edens Christmas package came back to our house this week :(  ),

 but it is the mission!  So we shall continue working and all the missionaries here will be righteous once again! 
Because 2 weeks ago President Ghent announced something called the miracle of March, which is the promise that every missionary will baptize this month.  Whether it be one convert of seven, that`s the plan that`s going to happen.  I assume that all these changes and problems are happening because the adversary does not want this to happen.  Yes, there is a lot of opposition, and I think it may be because the mission really is going to be reaping in a lot of new baptisms soon, so I hope all goes well.

Well, that`s just about I have to say for now, and wish you all a very jolly evening!

-Elder Sanders

PS:  All the photos today are my last memories of Guamani:  our house, a rustic shed in our yard, and ´El Pan Quemado´, a famous bakery by our house.  (and for those of you that don`t speak spanish, El Pan Quemado translates into `The Burnt Bread´ ) :)

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