Elder Sanders

Elder Sanders

Monday, March 12, 2012

week 31 eden is sick :(

¡Buenas Tardes mis queridos hermanos y hermanas! ¿Come le van?  M-Hm. ¿No hableis español? Ok.

Good Afternoon my beloved Brothers and Sisters! How is it going?  

   Well, this week was rather interesting.  For good news, Pedro was Baptized!  WOOT!  He was so happy!  We were a little disorganized with the program, but we had a great baptismal service in the end.    I was able to do the ordinance, and a lot of his family showed up, along with a group of members.  Yes, only 7 of about 70 members we invited made it, but we were very glad those who made it came.  That was our grand highlight of the week.   (Our ward is so good!  I´ll have to send pictures later because we forgot our cameras in the flurry of getting ready and had to borrow the camera of another Elder.  He still hasn´t sent the pictures yet...  )

  But!  Now to explain the title of my letter.  Elder Housley and I are great.  The best of buds, and we were getting very excited our first day together because we had so much in common.  Then, come Wednesday, disaster struck!  Not of the dangers of the world, but a battle within!  Elder Sanders was stricken with a powerful illness!  What ranged from a sore throat, to a fever, to an upset stomach creamed him for the day!     So I was completely out of commission for that day, and then as I started to slowly recover, my companion was struck with disease also!  So here we were, waking up for 3 days in a row with clogged sinuses, runny noses, and sore throats, struggling to get to lessons or do anything. It was rather dramatic, and rather was a downer. So, all in all, the missionary work this week was rather slow.  It was also probably the worst way to bond in our first week together, but at least we bonded. 

  So!  That was our adventurous story for the week.  Thanks for your letters, and it sounds like you guys are having a fabulous time in the snow at home.  And congrats to Devin McCandless!  You were baptized the same day as our investigator here in Ecuador!   And I hope Grandma is feeling better, we´ll be sure to pray for her down here.   And by the 13th of March, I´ll have 8 months in the mission!  Tis´ odd.  Time in the mission is like building a snow man.  You start with a little snow ball, and it feels slow and tedious at the start, but as time tarries on, it grows larger and larger, and the momentum expounds in a full sprint as your giant snowball flies down a steep hill!     That´s how it is.    I really hope everyone is doing well up there, it sounds like school, work, and other activities are going really well.  

  And!  As to close with a spiritual thought, take up your Book of Mormon and find 2 Nephi 4, and then read the 2nd half.  It´s about verse 20ish and on.  It´s nicknamed ´The Psalm of Nephi´ Because it´s just him pouring out his soul about the Lord.  It´s really easy to over miss, but it´s full of great perspective.  We all see Nephi as this strong and super righteous leader, but here in this chapter is him pouring out how distraught he feels at his  weaknesses!  It is definitely a full-throttle wake up call to anyone who reads it and takes it to heart.  You guys will love it!

Well, that is all for the moment, and I´m sorry I don´t have many pictures because I was out of it for most of the week, and still awaiting the baptismal photos, but I shall write again! (The pictures are of this crazy cool fruit here, my companion, and a picture I just drew. Random, but good)   

Just remember LOMA:  Leer, orar, mandamientos, y asistencia.  But to translate it´s:   Read, Pray, Commandments, and Attend, as in Read your scriptures, pray daily, keep the commandments, and attend church!  Do it, and you shall prosper in the land!

-Elder Sanders

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