Elder Sanders

Elder Sanders

Monday, March 12, 2012

Eden week 30

¡Buenas Tardes Hermanos y Hermanas! ¿Como le van?  Espera... Uds no hablen español, ¿No?  No pensaba.

Alrighty then!  This week was well,  Thanks to those who wrote... and to those letters recieved. (To John Plowman, Mikayla Boren, and Elder Leishman, I shall write you soon, and EXTREME THANKS to you all!)      

BUt first... ¡FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS MEIKAYLA! Birthday pic attached!

Ok, I can`t say I have any huge events or experiences to share.  Although it sounds as if my Book of Mormon testimony letter is going to hover over Utah for the next month or so. :)  But on a serious note, I had no idea that a testimony could impact, or even touch so many people.  I`m very grateful that I was able to share, and that people were able to listen.  

As of right now, we have 1 person with a baptismal date, Pedro C, the husband of Ade, our baptism that we had 2 or so weeks ago. He`s preparing to be baptized for the 3rd of March.  In fact, on Saturday we had 12 people planned to be baptized for the 3rd of March, but as you can guess,  TRAPDOOR OF SATAN! All the baptismal dates fell! All but Pedro.  So we have high hopes for him, him and Adelaida really have progressed from when we first found them, on the brink of divorce.  And now?  With a spiritual boost of the Gospel and power of God`s plan for Families, they are striving!   We just need to get the rest of their family to get ready too!  They are letting to much of the world get in the way of their progression, such as school, work, and in one instance, drinking.  But!  We will bring them all to the truth!

What else?  Ah yes... there is a sweet little holiday down here called Carnaval.  But alas, it is not a holiday of warm dinners nor parades, do you wish to know?
The traditions include nothing but randomly plastering everyone in sight with buckets of water, silly string, water balloons, and this foamy canned stuff!!!   WHAT A GREAT HOLIDAY!!! And it`s for 3 days straight!   The only downside is that missionaries can`t play, and we must be constantly on our guard so that we don`t get soaked on the way to a lesson.  So far, we`ve been liquid free (it`s not too intense in Guamani, but in Ottavalo, there are no rules!),  but we shall keep our umbrellas handy!

And as for other notes:  You guys are in LAVA HOT SPRINGS?  Without, *sniffle*  without me?  NO!!!  Well, have fun at the purple moon, and I shall be there in spirit!    

AND!  I also have a talk that you guys need to read, it`s in this month`s Ensign,  titled something to the extend of Tender Mercies of the Lord.  IT IS SO GOOD.

Oh, and next week are CHANGES!  *GASP!*  Will I stay? Will I go?  I do not know.  But it will be great either way!

Thanks for all, and I shall surely write again!

-Elder Sanders


1- Meikayla`s B-DAY PIC, I hope it`s accurate!
2- My new speaker system!  Thanks to the Plowman`s for your Christmas gift!  They are great!
3-  Three Languages, one truth.  (great movie title...)

PSS:  And alas, my hopes are exhausted.  There is no Christmas Package!  It will come... eventually... but we shall see.
           And as for Birthday stuff, I would really Like to just buy it here, but I fear they do not sell Prisma Markers down here.  Hm.  I shall write next week!


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