Elder Sanders

Elder Sanders

Monday, February 13, 2012

7 months -29 weeks - 215 days Eden has been in Ecuador :) Who's counting !

Hello!  I don`t have much time, so I gotta write fast!

THE WEDDING LOOKED SO GREAT!  I wish I could`ve been there, all the pictures were fantastic!  So many, from the Temple,  to the reception, to my sisters  in Mom`s wedding dress, and even the pie!  And what`s this... Is Steve getting married too?  WOOT!    (and oddly enough, I do miss the Joy Luck restaurant)  And It`s great that Ashylne, Meikayla and Madison are giving Family Home Evening lessons, how great indeed!  And also thanks Madison for you letter, Adventure Time sure is fun!   And good luck in your home teaching Dad, the families will be there!     And during Sacrament meeting, I think I can interpret the majority of the talks, but not 100%.  

As for this week, we did some service with members by helping paint their house and making pizzas.   I also gave a talk this Sunday, along with my companion and our ward mission leader.  We all spoke on the topic of the Missionary work, and it went very well!  I spoke on why we do mission work, how we believe that this is the Restored Church that has the only authority to baptize, which we need to enter the Celestial Kingdom.  Good living can`t do it, and other churches can`t do it.  Just like it says in Acts 5:4,  that no one can take this honor upon themselves, unless their called of God.    We do missionary work because people can only enter into the celestial kingdom with the restored gospel,  it`s true!

Sorry! I am out of time, we arrived late because we got to play laser tag today, a reward for a month and half`s hard work.  And after running it at Trafalga for over a year,  it was a dream come true to do it here in Ecuador.

¡Hasta Luego!  

-Elder Sanders

PS I did receive A package!  Part 2 from the stuff from our ward.  Very much appreciated, thank you to all, (and also to Bro. Dellergo).   But not the big one!  Where could it be?

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