Elder Sanders

Elder Sanders

Monday, February 13, 2012

Hello one and all!

 This week was rather swell.... do you know why?   Because after months of fallen baptismal dates, we´ve finally had our first baptism in Guamani! WOOT!   Sister  P finally is now a member of the Church!  The service went great, her family came, and all was well!   We´re just hoping that her husband will be next to be baptized, and after the rest of her family too, there are 3 more family members that are investigators too, but we shall see.  2 of them aren´t married yet, and they need to in order to be baptized, but we´ll see what happens.  
Also, this last Saturday we also had an open house at Our stake center.  It was planned to be right after the baptism, and all the members were ready to go!  But as the time to start loomed forth, the elements turned against us!  The gates of heavens were torn open, and cascades of water pounded the city of Quito as large bursts of lightning blasted across the sky!  (It was quite dramatic if I may add, good thing we were inside!)  The roads turned into roaring rivers, and there was absolutely no hope of trying to contact people to invite them to attend, because, well, no one was outside!  So, our open house just consisted of all the people who attended the baptism:  The family Cwano, and a handful of other investigators.  In one way, it wasn´t quite as successful as we were hoping, but later, the next day, our bishop shared a scripture from the book of Moroni about how much joy it is to just bring one soul unto Christ.  So, it was still good.

And thanks for your letters!  Sounds like this week shall be swell.   I also received Ben´s wedding invitation in the mail, and although I´m not going to be there, I´m way excited!  And congrats to Bik in his new job, I bet it´s going to be great! And lastly to Zander!  A baptism in Ecuador and a baptism in Utah, in the same day!  How neat, eh?   (And I missed the Superbowl?  I sure do miss chip-dip...)  BUT! I´m excited to read that article about Ecuador, I gave the Spanish copy to my companion and he´s really enjoying it.  After I write this letter I´ll need to read it too.  
And I´m also always praying for for you all, my family, my friends (including those serving missions) and am sure to do so every day.   

Also!  As for other news of the week, this last Friday we had divisions with the Assistance of President Ghent!  A surprise for us too!  I got to go with Elder Casky to the center of Quito, while his companion went with Elder Hernandez in our sector.  Essentially, it was rather refreshing and felt like a mini-vacation, although we were contacting for half the day.  We started in a huge park, one about 4x the size of a mall parking lot but with a skate park, jogging track, dirt biking trails, and a giant pool-river thing with foot operated boats.  With the heat of the day it felt just like Lagoon. :)  We had some good contacts, actually found some members selling fresh coconut-milk-juice (SO GOOD!), and continued on.  The day went well, we taught a few members and a family, and returned to thier home, where the secretaries also live.  (I think it´s the only or one of the only homes in the mission where 4 missionaries live in the same house)    The whole exchange was rather like a restart, to re-kindle my desire to find new families and serve.  So, this week I´ll definitely have to make like a squid and get Krakin!  (Yes Erik, I just had to use it too!)  

Also!  This week we have a zone conference, and then a training meeting.  I´m way excited!  I don´t think we´re expecting people for baptism this week, but we do have 1 possibility!  Jorge, so we hope he´ll be ready.

  First, read Moroni 7 and then follow the invitation at the very end, and then read The Family: A Proclamation to the world.   They both are passages that we shared the family Cawanois when we first met them, and it helped them a lot.  I think it could be a faith builder for you too.  In fact, everyone who reads this should follow the same invitation. It is powerful!

Well, I believe that is all for the day, and I shall definitely be writing again in 7 days!

-Elder Sanders

¡Hasta Ver!

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