Elder Sanders

Elder Sanders

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Eden new area

Hello family!  This week has been quite eventful...

So, first off, It`s always tough to begin anew, with a new sector, new investigators, new ward (actually, here it`s only a branch!) and a new companion.  It`s just like leaving and starting in a new home!  Quite tricky I`d say...     SO!  A little about our sector:  there are about 2 parts of our sector which are like mega-main streets with lots of houses surrounding them, kind of like the size of 2 of our wards.   And the rest of the sector goes on and on!  There are hills and mountains with lots of houses randomly scattered about them!  In a real sense, it`s so big that I don`t know where our limits our.  And it`s not that it`s huge and has a ton of houses like Guamani, it`s just that the land goes on and on.  Plus, this sector is super famous for it`s jeans.  In one road, there are about 10 jeans outlets in a row, right next to each other! (along with all the mini jean factories too.)    Neat, right?

And my companion is named Elder Carcini, he`s from Mexico, lives a few hours from Cancun, and is just swell.  With him... let`s just say that when we started we had to go through ALOT of rough spots.  *shudder!*  but now we are definitely improving!   I just hope that this change goes well!

When I came in, we had 2 people with a baptismal date, two young adults named Fabian and the other Luis . Fabian is a normal investigator, but Luis is an 18 year old with Epilepsy, and has very strong desires to be baptized. YES! Both we had to teach simply, and unfortunately Fabian`s baptismal date fell this weekend and yesterday, Luis told us that his mom won`t let him get baptized . He really wants to be baptized, and we know he`s ready, but we just need his mom to soften her heart to let him follow Jesus Christ.  (so, if you can, all prayers will be appreciated!)

Other than them, we found 1 new family, and a new person who accepted a baptismal date in the first lesson.  So we also hope that they will improve!

All in all, it`s just a tough sector.  There aren`t very many people to contact, and the members also need to put in their part.  Our ward is only a branch, which means we have no bishop, just a branch president, and only have a small amount of members.  SO!  We just need to rely in the Lord to help us!

This last Sunday we also had the opportunity to give talks at church.  I spoke on mission work and how members are missionaries, and my companion spoke on the potential of the members of the church. I thought it went rather well.

AND 2x!    I got here just in time, because today our zone had planned to go on a super-trip!  Yes, we got to go to Chimboraza, the tallest volcano in the world!  (don`t worry mom, this one is IN-active :)   )   It was about a 2 hour drive to go up, and we hiked for about 30 minutes.  And lo and behold, it was just like Christmas!  Both in happiness and snow!  The first time I had rolled around in snow since winter of 2010/2011.  We threw snowballs, went sledding on sheets of tin roof that we found, and even photographed some wild llamas.  It was quite nice.

Well, I believe that is all the news I have for now.  I hope this sector will bring us fruits, and that it may also be fun! 

until next time,

-Elder Sanders

PS-  AH-HA!  HOPE IS NOT LOST!  The Christmas package is in Ecuador!  The only tough thing is, since we are outside of Quito, only the zone leaders go once a month to the offices to bring back anything.  It`s about a 4-5 hour trip just to get there!  So, I shall see if they are going in the following week,  I hope so!

PS. photos!
Here are pics of me by a ridiculous amount of bananas, a picture of Mt. Chimboraza, me reminiscing childhood memories, and my companion contemplating on throwing a giant snowball. 

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