Elder Sanders

Elder Sanders

Monday, March 26, 2012

Eden and the Volcano ! Week #36

Hello family!  And, before I get into any story or anything, I´ve gotta say now we only have 30 min of internet time due to the ´wickedness´  of the mission, so if letters are shorter than normal for a while you´ll know why!

   And before I continue on any further....        I GOT MY CHRISTMAS PACKAGE!!! 
So, thank you thank you thank you oh so very much indeed!  It was greatly appreciated, and I pretty much exploded when I saw what was inside, so I drew plenty, built some Legos, and fused the T-shirt to myself!  It was great... to bad I was changed from Elder Housley, he was the only one in the mission I knew that appreciated Legos.   *sigh!*

Ok, next off....  Congrats to Madison for her play!  Good luck indeed!    The BYU game and Hunger Games movie (I gotta see it...)  all looked great!  And I sure will miss Alberto and Margarita, good luck to them in thier trip also! 

And ok, now for our week:  we had a normal week, but with many, MANY things inserted!  We had divisions on Tuesday-Wednesday, a special training meeting Friday with the president and his wife, (which, By the way, sister Ghent gave me a copy of Mom and Her in Women´s conference, I shall be sure to try to send a copy!")  and on Saturday we did service in the sector of the Sister´s, clearing out weeds and shrubbery in a Jungle!  Well, it´s more like a half-junglish area, but enough that their backyard has frogs, bamboo, and big colorful spiders! We were sure to avoid those...
So, a very busy week, and unfortunately with that many activities (a few more), our numbers this week were rather poor, like an old wayfaring man of grief.   (almost a pun :)   )

And as for our investigators, only one attended church with us: Fabian!   And he´s to be baptized this weekend, between sessions of conference!  Yes!  All of the missionaries in our zone are going to have this Saturday´s baptisms in the same chapel for conference, so it shall be a ´Noche Blanca´  (which means, white night, because of all the baptismal clothing.´ 

So, with my companion and I, things are just going right now.  Yes, our first week was quite rough, and then it started to improve mightily!  But now... I fear it is deteriorating again.  Sigh...  So, I shall continue on, and hope that things start to get going smoothly.       *pity me!*

But, I shall be sure to stay in contact, and I pray for you all every day and night!  Stay strong, do your scripture study, and go to church! 

OH!  And to end with a quote-    ´Too often we pray to have patience, but we want it right now!´   - (I forgot who, but it´s from one of the Apostles, sorry!)

-Elder Sanders

PSS- Photos 
One is of us after doing service, me and 2 other missionaries in the Sister´s sector,  a great pic of the volcano from my room, and me celebrating Christmas on March 21st.


                               Happy General Conference!

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