Elder Sanders

Elder Sanders

Monday, April 2, 2012

General conference

Hello one and all! If I may say, what a great weekend!  It seems when you`re on a mission General Conference goes about 500% faster.  Whew!  But it twas powerful!

And it sounds as if things are bounding at home, with congrats to Madison in her steller play and I tip my hat to all who have been praying and studying mightily!

I always love reading your stories, from receiving answers to prayers to all the fun times you are having, I am SO very appreciative. 

Anyways, this week was rather good, as in rather normal.  We contacted, had lessons fall, and then, come Saturday...   WE HAD A BAPTISM!  Yes, Favian (sorry, last time I wrote Fabian) was baptized by my companion.  (unfortunately, I didn`t have my camera, so my companion will send them to me soon)   But it went great.  We got to watch conference in English in our own reserved room, and there were also a couple other baptisms that same day from other sectors.  All in all, it went well. But the members in South America don`t quite seem to see that General Conference is 5 different sessions, not just one. Sunday morning, it was packed!  But the rest of all the others were rather... well, pitiful.  But all was well!

AND! The Priesthood session was a great experience for us.  A half an hour before it began, we soon found out there was no signal.  We waited, and then we waited some more, but there was still none.  We tinkered with buttons and wires, and still to no avail.  The starting time came, and people began to stand up and get restless, walking about as nothing happened.  15 minutes passed, and then we decided it was time for Priesthood action.  We gathered the missionaries into one room, said a power prayer, and then gathered everyone back into the foyer.  We then pronounced that we were to do a special musical number.  We sang ´Brightly Beams our Father`s mercy` (technically, ´Rayos de Clemencia´)  and on the last verse, we heard a familiar voice.  An Apostle!  Yes, after our prayer and during our hymn, when the spirit was invited to come in, the signal returned and conference commenced.            So, God`s answers prayers!  Especially when we are ready for them and need them!  A great experience...

Well, the sector is still going, the only wildlife we see are dogs and the ants that are infesting our kitchen, and things with my comp were improving really well, and then it all fell again.  Curses!  Well, this next week are changes, so I`ll see if we stay or go!


-Elder Sanders

PS- Photos:
Me and my companion when we are happy,
Me and a very large Ecuadorian swine
A conference sketch of Spiderman (I also drew a crazy good one of President Monson, but gifted it away to the other Elder from Lehi before I could photograph it)
 I standing majestically over a part of our grand sector.
And I trying to contact a hard working citizen of Pelileo Grande.


PSSS- And as for my spanish, it`s really well in lessons and with members, but for some reason around my companion my comprehension just slags.  I don`t know if there`s a connection or not.  :)

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  1. These pics remind me so much of Cusco and of my own time spent in the Andes. Keep up the good work, Eden!