Elder Sanders

Elder Sanders

Monday, May 20, 2013

Week # 93 The end is near 6 weeks left !

Greetings family!  Well, I do not much time to write today, for it is:


So what happened?!  Elder Bloxham is no more!  He has left to my old sector in Guamani!  And now I am with the mighty Elder Ospina, a fine lad from Columbia who has about 9 months in the mission.

But, I say the end is near because now my last Change in the mission has officially begun!  Like camping, it is `in-tents`!

SO! As for news, the family Z were at last baptized!  And may I say, one of the most spiritual baptisms I`ve ever had!  
All the testimonies were powerful, and all the messages as sweet as honey with brown sugar.

So! Instead of writing, I just have some photos:

-Me rather sad that Elder Bloxham has left me to fend for myself.

Until next week, I love ya all, now I must use the rest of my internet time to fill out my TRUNKY PAPERS as they are called.
(All the stats the mission needs to know so I can finish my mission.)

-Elder Sanders

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