Elder Sanders

Elder Sanders

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Week # 94, 5 weeks, 35 days LEFT !!!

Why, Hello UTAH!

   This has been a swell week, but it`s always weird getting a new companion, changing all the patterns of behavior, inside jokes, way of doing things, and stuff. It always takes a week or so to re-adjust to each other, but so far, we are just doing peachy!
But, let`s get to know Elder Ospina: He has 2 years of membership in the church and 9 months in the mission, he is the only member of his family, and is from Meyelling, Columbia. (I hope that`s how to spell it, it`s pronounced like May-Day-Zzzhhing! Rather like a quote from an action movie or something)  This is his first time as a zone leader, and is a pretty calm guy. He`s good.

SO!   Let`s start with Email Questions!

1- About the release date!  I assume it`s July first, but my paper last week said June 28th.  And I`m unsure when I get my official flight plan papers... maybe next week during our zone leader council. I guess we`ll see! (35 days!)

2- Yes, I got the school schedule, and it doth look good! Thank you Chantel and your rad planning skills!

3- A mighty congratulations to every one of my sisters for their grand extracurricular extravaganza! You are all making me so proud!  Keep doing good things!  According to Elder Oaks, wholesome recreation brings variety, happiness, and relaxation to life, and are very necessary, just as air or food.

So it`s good to see everyone is well, and may I just wish a Very Merry
How wonderful! 

So why was this week so good?
6 People with a baptismal date and 7 that came to church!  It was very grand!  Here`s our current star players:

Family C: the father refused to be baptized for 14 years and his wife later became inactive, and then later their parents.  And then what happened? Two stalwart Elders came along, activated the parents, which activated the daughter, which renewed flow of blessings enticed the husband to be baptized.  And he wants to so bad!  He has been prepared for years!  So we are thrilled to baptize him and his 2 daughters this week!

Luis :  he`s a 35 year old son of an old investigator family we had.  He is very artistic, and very philosophical.  We say one thing to him, and takes that one simple thought, and complexifies it with bizarre comparisons and tangent theories.  But aside from that, he is great!  He truly needs to gospel. for his past life has led him quite astray, and now he is making a grand return.

Luis : Another husband of a less active wife.  He`s just good.

and last,

Mario :  The one we found while contacting last week.  Since we met him, he`s been diligent in reading and praying, and has great desires to guide his family to choose the right also.  If we can get him, then his family will follow.

So that`s the mission work here at the moment, and we also did a service project with a couple other Elders in Condado (one of them was Elder Housley!) We made waffles in an electric sandwich maker, (they turned out more like little pillows of happiness!), and went to do service moving bricks and shoveling sand and cement for the bishop building a new house. It was dusty and great!  And actually, right when we got got there, we went to knock and the door and before we knew: BAM! BLAM!
Had a couple of tanks gone off in the street? It sounded as if the electric box on the power line had exploded twice right in front of us.... AND IT DID!  Yes, two unfortunate pigeons landed on the cheap electrical box on the telephone pole and made it burst into a spray of sparks!  It didn`t blow into little pieces, but it did manage to literally FRY to poor birds!  It was quite the spectacle of the morning.

And as a final article for the week, a quote from our Annual Stake Priesthood Conference:

`People generally are happy, when they decide to be happy.`
-Abraham Lincoln
Elder Sanders the Brave

ps_these are the only photos I managed to take this week, it`s us making the most delicious homemade burritos ever known to Ecuador

!Boy Elder Sanders got some SUN !!!!

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