Elder Sanders

Elder Sanders

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Week 92 Mothers Day , 7 weeks left !

Good evening one and all!

What a fine day it is to be here and writing to you! 

And might I say what a pleasure it was to speak to everyone yesterday!  It was good to see you all and hear your luxurious (yet 2-year aged) voices!  And that game of BOMB did make me quite jealous, for I may be the only one in Ecuador that knows about that game!  Perhaps I`ll teach it to the missionaries someday...  

    So I hope the call will keep you all in tune for the next 7 weeks, for it shall be a grand 7 weeks for me!

So, all in all, this has been a busy yet good week.  So you may ask, what happened?  Here we go!

-Marriage!  Yes, the family Z are officially married and ready to be baptized for this Saturday!  ( I would send photos, but just this morning my SD card got a virus and all my recent photos are trapped in an invisible jail cell of misery!)  So we`re way excited for them.

-Then, baptisms!  Not for us, but for a lovely little zone!  3 different sectors baptized thus ending a 4 week no-baptism drought, and this next Saturday we are expecting 7 more in the zone!  So all shall go well!

-Zone Interviews!  So, last Friday president Ghent and the assistants had a visit to our zone. We had a training meeting on how to teach lessons more effectively and had interviews with the President, which are always very refreshing.  And it is odd, the next time I have an interview with the President, It will be my last!  EGADS!  Not too many trunky thoughts for this letter!

-We also had an activity in Cangahua on Saturday, which is a sector of our zone up on the mountain, in which we left with all the members there to go `rescue` some 150 less active members!  We split off into about 10 groups, and conquered the area!  It was very nice indeed.

-And for a final announcement.. this is the last week of the change! Next Sunday are changes, and whoever will be my new companion will be (as the missionaries say) killing me!  The term kill as in they were my last companion in the mission, not literally nor in a bad way!  Just like your first sector is where you are `born`, so is the last sector where you `die`.  

So why would missionaries use these type of terms to describe mission life?  BECAUSE! The mission is just a mini-plan of salvation!  Our life before is related to pre-earth life, and after is just like post-earth life, and just as our life choices prepare us for the eternities, so will those 2 years be like a preparation for our home life.  The mission is just a life-preparer, in many ways!  So serving a full time mission faithfully will ensure that you can serve the rest of your mortal life faithfully!  Neat, right?

So this week we hope to find some new investigators and meet with many members!  And we are going to contact like crazy!  Many doors are just itching to have our soft knuckles rap them!  So we`ll share our success next week.


-Elder Sanders
And, a bonus mother`s day gift!  Tis a video from LDS.org, I hope you haven`t seen it yet, for you will enjoy it!

Sat. Activity

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