Elder Sanders

Elder Sanders

Monday, April 8, 2013

Week 88, Month 21 -( 12 weeks left :)

Hello to all! I`m sorry that this week`s letter is a bit short, but it has been cut down due to changes!  

And the news is... I^m not changing! Neither is my companion!  But we lost much time today because we had to go with ALL the other changing missionaries to ensure they got to where they all needed.  So now... we at last have a moment to say all is well.

And General Conference was amazing!  Many notes, many sketches, I fear that due to time I`ll be quoting the most inspirational parts next letter, so stay tight! I`ll also be sending my inspired sketches too!

So to say, all is well!  And in the changes, missionaries  have been changed to other zones, and we are starting out pure!  So this change will be an inspiring one!  

That`s for all, so PRAY HARD! Stay in tune with the spirit!  

Good luck to Chantel, I^m absolutely STOKED for her to receive her calling, and thanks to Madison for her letter, and for all those wonderful photos! (I hope you enjoy mine! They are rather wild! FUN !
EWWWWW !!!! Gross

So happy and excited to have Gnocchi !!!

Yummo !

Zone games !

-Elder Sanders

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