Elder Sanders

Elder Sanders

Monday, April 15, 2013

Zone leaders to the Max!‏ Week 89 , 11wks left

What a week it has been!  This has been a rather busy week for us, plenty of contacting, lessons, and other things to do!

So first off!  Responses to the letters!  So congrats to Mom and Dad, teaching Sunday school as power-teachers!  Those are always nice callings, and also it`s good to hear everyone else  is doing well also. And For Chantel! This Wednesday is the special day?  I`m betting that she`ll be serving stateside, and I`ll guess that it will by New York!  So let`s see if my predictions are prophetic!  The best of luck to ya!

As for the mission work here, much of the people here have rather hard hearts, but that makes the receptive ones just that much more special!  The best ones are the family Zam Vand his wife M, who have made incredible progression in these past 2 months.  This Friday, they are getting Married so they can get baptized on the 27th!  They are wonderful!  So they have by far been the examples for true investigators.  We are also working with a couple of other people, but they aren`t really progressing because we just can`t find them!  They are never home!  So we hope that we can target them down so they can accept our message into our lives.  Too often I feel people avoid us, which is odd because, who doesn`t want authorized Missionaries to visit their family?  By any means, it can only do people good.  So we`ll keep looking.

Alright, so it seems this week has had many lessons learned, especially in fast and prayer.  
Although it`s a little outside of mission work, I`ve been signing up for classes this week and very soon realized that I had been making graduation and career choices based on my own desires and knowledge, and had not included the Lord in making a career choice! I had always planned to go to BYU in the animation program, and everything would work out great.  It really dawned on me because my patriarchal blessing had always said that, but it never occurred to me to heed to it until now.  

So what`s a missionary to do?  D&C 8!
`You must study it out in your mind and in your heart, and then ask me if it is right' 

So that`s what I did!  (yes, my personal prayers have also been in part dedicated to investigators, so worry not, I am not trunky!) 
Daily, I have been praying to know if I should follow that career choice, and readily learned that receiving revelation is more than just asking a vague question from the beginning. I soon found that my prayers were not receiving answers because I hadn`t really tried to figure out for myself what to do, so I studied it out in my mind.  I considered my options, made a few plan options, prayed, and verified which would be right. And then at last, Sunday, right before church, the process was complete. I got an answer to my prayers
Armor of Righteousness

Catch the wave

Dwell in Gods light
It turns out that I`m alright  following into that career choice, and for the moment, it will be up to me to decide how I should plan it out.  

Just in like in Alma 45, `Do ye suppose that I know these things of myself? Behold, I have prayed and fasted many days to know these things are true.`

So, It works!  Even for something that isn`t spiritual, such as my case, but none the less necessary.  We must do ALL we can first, and then the Lord will fill in what we lack and cannot know for ourselves.

So I wish you all a happy week, and I wish thee all well!

-Elder Sanders

Photos: Conference Sketches!  They all relate to a talk that was given in the sessions, besides the bear-wombat thing, but all good!  And the other photo is us after playing Soccer and Ultimate Frisbee this morning, celebrating with a fresh batch of homemade chapel chocolate chip cookies.

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