Elder Sanders

Elder Sanders

Monday, April 1, 2013

Week 87 - 3 months = 91 days left

Hello Dearest family!

What a week!  It`s been busy busy busy down here!  

And so, to begin answering your questions, YES! I do come home on July First! 

Pretty exciting, right?  So I guess that means I`ll be home for the 4th of July!  Excitement!
So, I fear that today I only have a little bit of writing time because I needed to check out the UVU signups, and because today we took a zone Trip to Otavalo!  It was SO nice to visit it again!  It`s too bad I didn`t have time to visit any old members or converts, but it was good to go the waterfall and get some last minute souveneirs for you guys, so all is well.

And many congrats to Chantel!  The call is coming!  I just HOPE that I`ll be able to see you before you embark, but either way, I`m WAY excited.

And happy Easter to you all too!  It`s good to remember Christ and all that he did for us, and we have been striving diligently to do so in this last week.  

SO! This week has been full of divisions with other missionaries, lessons, and many other things.  Jovi

isn`t baptized yet because she had left on a trip to the coast last week, and hasn`t returned because her cousin there had a motorcycle accident, and while he`s recovering she`s helping watching his children. So if all goes well she should be back in time to be baptized on Conference weekend!  So we`re pretty excited.

And... well, I fear  my time has run out!  So enjoy the photos, and I`ll be writing plenty next week!  Why? Because our internet has been extended from One hour, to TWO HOURS!!! What a great responsibility!   See y`all!

-Elder Sanders

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