Elder Sanders

Elder Sanders

Monday, March 25, 2013

99 days left to live ! week 86 - 18 left

A great greeting to family, friends, and all those who also will be reading these writings! And for a fine introduction to this letter, as of Today, I have only 99 days left in Ecuador! Incredible how time passes, isn´t it?

 This has been a rather fine week, actually, a VERY BUSY week!  It seems we´ve been more focused on helping our zone out then our own at times!  This week, we were priviliged to serve our fellow missionaries with some baptismal interviews, 2 divisions, and this morning. We arose at 5:00 AM, traveled to a house of missionaries in our zone, and at 6:30 sharp, rapped upon thier windows!  We made breakfast for them, spent some building up time together, and studied with them for the morning. It did go well! I beleive they are now superbly strengthened.

AND SO!!! The world is doing crazy things without me! Lauren is engaged? Chantel´s papers are in? It snowed! New callings! What a great time you all are having there in Utah! It makes me all the more excited to come up and see you all!  But, all in due time!
And Madison! Thank you for loving me just as much as I did for you!  You are a binding link in the Sanders Family, so keep being fun and happy and joyful!  And congrats in color guard, keep it up!

And so, let´s see what is new for the week: hm. not too much!  We´ve definitely been contacting plenty, but it seems that at the moment our little zone is having a hard time just finding new people!  It seems as if we need to try a few new tactics, and one of the president´s assistants today just advised that we should try to talk to at least 20 people every day.  That´s about 140 new people known for one week!  So we´re going to try to get our whole zone to help us out with that.

And this Saturday, is the baptism of Jovita! She passed her interview, and all shall go incredibly well for this weekend.

As for other side-bits, me and my companion just started to do P-90X workouts this week too!  And for those who know not what that is, just imagine the most manly exercize program conceived!  And my! We were as sore as professional grizzly-bear wrestlers! we tried to go to the store and buy some protien to help us out, but unfortunately, here in Ecuador things can be really cheap or really expensive, and the smallest container we could find cost a whopping $75!  So, could you guys see how much it costs over there?  We may ask you to send some if it´s not too huge....

but aside from that, we are really striving to make ourselves better missionaries spiritually also, and have found that we have really been focusing on the concept of Daily Repentance.  That whenever we make a big mistake, such as breaking a Mission Manuel rule or something, we stop, and say a sincere pray of forgiveness before we keep working, and strive never to do it again!  And we have found that all is going well! So we hope that this week we have plenty of success! 

AND TOMORROW!!! We have a massive training meeting with all the leaders in the mission here, and it goes from 9 in the morning to 3:30 in the afternoon!  So it will be a big day!

Well, until then, until next week my loved ones!

-Elder Sanders

Photos: Well, it seems that the ONLY times I have my camera is when we are cooking or doing something with food! So, here is us after a delicious homemade pasta, me making pancakes at 7:00 Am earlier today, and a box of make it yourself GNOCCHIS imported from ITALY!!!! I WILL EAT THEM WELL!  Until Next week!  May our heavenly father bless you all!

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