Elder Sanders

Elder Sanders

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Week # 41 Edens 20th birthday

Merry day, one and all! 
 SO!  This week was as swell as a mighty squid!   So, I`d say that I had a rather swell 20th birthday, I truly do feel as if I have advanced!  Double digits all the way!    So, before I get into any contacting or stuff, Elder Bardzinski and I had a swell little party in our house.  We bought a couple mini-cakes (which were oh so delicious but nothing like my Dad`s teramasu, I hope that`s how it`s spelled!)  and I had balloons, blew out the birthday candles, and...  built with Sponge bob legos.  TOTALLY AWESOME!    Nothing quite as extravagant as the family parties at home, but, it was rather swell.
  Alrighty!  So, I don`t remember if i explained it earlier, but we technically have 3 sectors to work in. which also means 3 wards, and 3 area books.  (for any missionaries reading this, you all know how bad ONE area book can be! :)  )    But, this week we were focusing on a sector called Quinchuqui, which is placed conveniently on a mountain with large hill's, spaced houses, and corn fields without end!  We had a pretty ok time up there, because every time a kid or teenager answered the door, we were received with uncontrollable giggling instead of a good contact.  I guess people think it`s funny to see two white guys up in the mountains, and unless we found an adult, contacting there was useless!
  But, for better news, we found a new family!  He was a contact from 2 weeks ago that we thought wasn`t very good, but we found him and met his family, and they are interested!  Well, it`s true that when we found him he was a punch drunk and we were cordially served salty soup filled with esophagus, intestines, and liver, (one of the few times I didn`t finish my food! ;P )but,  they are a family very much in need!  SO WE ARE EXCITED!!!

Well, that is all the big news for the week, but I also did Receive the CHRISTMAS TREE In the mail, and I loved those pictures you all sent me, they were utterly stupendous! Well, until next time my dear dear family,
-Elder Sanders
Here are pics of:
-Me in Quinchuqui
-My companion and I in our awesome masks!
-Pics of my ´birthday party´
-Contacting a Mayan Civilization (actually one of the coolest houses ever!)
-A pic I drew of Christ during sacrament (after attending 2 wards in a foriegn language, you need something to do :)  )
-A scarf making machine that a member has, actually, that alot of members have.

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