Elder Sanders

Elder Sanders

Monday, April 30, 2012

WEEK 40 !!!!!!!

Hello Family! Tis I, your Dear Elder Sanders! 

So, this week was rather good, and eventful.  So, I can´t say we had much success with investigators this week, because we were quite busy with many other things!  We had 3 meetings, 2 service projects, and- my companion struck sick!  Wednesday night he arose at one in the morning and ´expelled´ all the rice, potatoes and meat we had eaten earlier that day, and he was throwing up all night!   So, yes, we were trapped in the house, and I studied and drew while my companion was bed ridden all day!  Egads!  But, never fear, for I took care of him as a mother takes of her child, and he has recovered and is ready to work again.  I never thought I´d be so happy just to be outside contacting...

And for other news, you all thought that you could have wedding fun without me right?  Well, I was not left out, for I too assisted a wedding reunion!  One of the members by our house just got married, and we got to go over and have a jolly moment with them.  Food, dancing, and LOTS of people!  It was pretty nice.

And well, it sounds as if you all are having a great time at home!  2 wedding receptions, dad´s off to see catheters in action, and Madison rocked it with her talk on Sunday!  Actually, that´s coincidental because my companion and I gave talks too!  I spoke about the people in Mosiah 18, and how our ward can be more unified and prosperous by following their example.  (it´s way good!)   And you need to tell Emily to write me a message, if you say I am to marry, then I´d like to hear from her!  :)

So, Elder Bardzinski and I are still doing great, and this sectors is just slapping us silly right now.  We have no investigators!  Because those we contact aren´t accepting, our members aren´t giving us references, and the only references we have received have failed.  So, we did a special fast (we just finished 3 hours ago) so we hope that we can get the lord´s help to start getting the mission work in our sector rolling. And my Quichua is.... coming.  I´ll tell ya when I can start to make sentences, right now I just know how to say brother/sister, see you later, good afternoon, etc etc

BUT!  This sector is just lovable, so I shall be sure to keep you all updated.  and!  I took a stop at the market today and bought some cool stuff!  The photo will be attached in a separate e-mail.

Well, that is all the time I have for now, so I shall be sure to see you all later!

-Elder Sanders

(PS- by the time you read my next e-mail, I SHALL BE TWO DECADES OLD!!) I´m super excited to put up all the birthday stuff!

Here are some pics of us at the wedding reception, me at a zone activity (each companionship had to drop pudding/cake stuff into his companions mouth from way up on a chair!  It got in my eye, haha),   (SUPER FUN)  and me by the left over soda from the wedding party.  Enough carbonation to scare the Lehi swim team. :)

CIAO y   Tu Parishum!   (quichua for until later!)

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