Elder Sanders

Elder Sanders

Monday, November 5, 2012

Week # 66 from Latacunga

Here I am! 

 Calling in from Latacunga!  So, it`s been a fine week, and as fine as it was, I don`t think I have too many big stories, but it was definitely pleasant! 

So first off, congrats to Courtney Evans!  A mission faithfully completed!  It sounds like it went wonderfully, and good to hear the family is doing well too. 

So, you may ask what`s going on in our sector? Well, first off, we live in a nice little apartment, and our building consists solely of members!  Yes, it`s only 2 other families, but still nice.  One is our ward mission leader, and the other has a T-shirt store on the first floor where he makes, prints, and sews his own soccer tees, and pretty soon we`re going to commission him to do another zone T-Shirt!  We thought I`d be fun to do the one from the general conference talk from Ann Dibb, the one that says, `I`m a Mormon. And you?¨
It would be great!  Where we live is just full of stores, catholic cathedrals, and many hills and parks, but if you venture out a little, it`s just pure flat  land with some scattered trees, not to mention the towering volcanoes that hovers above the city!  It`s great!  But I don`t think we`ll be seeing any eruptions any time soon,

And!  As for investigators, right now we`re working with some families, the family Are, and the family G The family Are are what missionaries call, `un familia de oro` or for those that only speak gringo: golden family .  And they have plans to be baptized this Saturday!  YES!!! As of now, they`re testimonies are doing well, but they have some marriage issues that they still need to resolve, so pray for them that they can overcome past errors to change into better people!  And the family G, well, they love to listen to us, but they changed houses and we don`t know where!  We`ve been trying to get a hold of them by phone, but we`ve been a little out of luck.  But I think sooner or later, we`ll find them again and see how their doing with their Book of Mormon study.

  So, those are the main things that happened, we had a small ward activity, found some new families, and I`m just trying to train my companion while he trains me on the new sector. 

Hm.  I feel my mind is refusing to give you information!  Think! 

        WELL!  I do have one more thing that my companion and I are going to try out, which is based on a big story given to me by Elder Housley, but essentially it entails the story of how 2 missionaries purged their lives in order to have the FULL company of the spirit.  How? They started with a fast, and wrote a big list of all the things that kept the spirit away, or that simply distracted them from feeling the spirit (such as playing golf Mondays, speaking sarcastically to thier companions, obeying all the mission rules etc etc) and then did a 40 day fast of all those listed items.  And what happened?  Their most basic desires changed, and they became spirit weilding druids!  They had a flood of baptisms and really big spiritual experiences happened many times a day. 
And so, Elder Kingsford and I are putting the challenge to the test, just today I finished my fast and have made my list of things that inhibit me from having the spirit at times, and starting today, we are going to purge ourselves!  So, I`ll give you updates every now and then on how that goes, so wish us luck!

Well, good to hear that all is well, and I shall write later.  But first, some quotes!

                     ´If it is to be, it`s up to me.`

             `I cannot teach a man anything, I can only help him to find it within himself.´  -Galileo

 `I long to accomplish a great and noble task, but it my primary and chief duty to accomplish small and humble tasks as they were great and noble. The world is not just moved along by the mighty shoves of it`s heroes, but also by aggregate of the tiny pushes of each honest worker.`        -Helen Keller

 -Elder Sanders

PS: Hooray!  The camera is at last coming!  So, in the box, I always do primarily love letters and photos from you guys at home, but you could also toss in some things like: beef jerky, root beer extract (yeah, I can make it down here with carbonated water!), and any art supply. It could be markers, pencils, or it could be a pocket sketchbook, but make it a surprise! 

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