Elder Sanders

Elder Sanders

Monday, November 5, 2012

Week # 64 leaving Lago Agrio

Hello one and all!

 Here I am, enjoying what is to be known as my last official preparation day here in Lago Agrio!  Do you wish to know why? 

YES, once again we have received emergency changes!  Egads!  So, how it`s going to flow is that last Friday 2 new Elders came down to work with us, Elder Cantera from Uraguay and Elder Carrasco from Peru, who will will work with and train for a week, and then they will take our places!  So Elder Plùa and I will be shipped off to other zones to work!  From what I know, we`re getting changes because of a mix of things: missionaries finishing their missions and heading home with us filling their places, possible danger for `Gringos` in the areas by Columbia from a Colombian political group (I don`t really remember what their deal is, but, oh well!) and from what I suspect, disobedience too!   So from a mix of things, I will be leaving the beloved jungle-city next Monday, the 22, and will be heading off to a new sector! I`m not sure where, but I^ll be there!

So, that was the biggest news of the week, but I may also have something that may be it`s equivalent:  Baptism!!!
Yes, this last Friday our investigator Joana  was officially baptized and confirmed after 3 months of work and 3 sets of missionaries!  We got to baptize her in a river, and it turned out wonderfully, although it was really rainy, and we only had a handful of people attend, it still was a very very neat experience. 

 Plus!  Our baptism we had 2 weeks ago, Angela the 8 year old, was finally confirmed!  And not only that, we had 2 baby blessings Sunday also!  One of some members, and the other: A family of part investigator part less active too!  So many spiritual bonus points for us indeed! 

Ok, so right now we are doing very well with the missionary work, for we doth have 3 families with a baptismal date!  2 of them we`re planning to baptize on the 20th, but they just need to get married!  (we`re so close, if everything goes well it should happen this Wednesday!) and lastly the family Gong they are a lovely couple who had listened to the missionaries before, whom we contacted on the street.  After a week of teaching, they now have a testimony of the church and the book of mormon!  And even more, they had a spiritual experience with it too!  Normally, his wife has much difficulty reading because she has poor eyesight and needs glasses so  she doesn't gets horrible headaches, but one day she did not have her glasses, and happened to start reading in the Book of Mormon, and little did she know, she could read it perfectly !! and clearly!  WOW!  They were so excited when they shared the story with us!  Miracle !

And also: Interviews with President Ghent!  For those, we all traveled to Coca, met up with our zone leaders and then went to the hotel where President and Sister Ghent were waiting for us.  We got to sit outside in a gazebo by the poolside, and had some very refreshing interviews and a mini-training meeting with him.  All in all, it went well.  And actually, during the interviews, you kind of feel like the investigator in a lesson, where all you have to do is express a concern and they expound many answers for you through the scriptures, and all you need to do is sit there and absorb it all.    So it was a good weekend,
So this week my companion and I will both be training the 2 other Elders and then we`re off!  I will miss this sector, but my time has come!  Until next week dearest family!

-Elder Sanders

PLUS: Your letters this week were stupendous!  From the zoo to fishing to birthday joy!  What a fun week!  So, good to hear that the Evans are doing well, and good luck to Tanner in his mission,  and I hope Chantel feels better!  I`ll keep you all in mind, Ashylne Meikayla and Madison alike!  And you too Mom and Dad!
¡Les queiro mucho y espero que tengan una buenisima semana!

Oh yeah, PHOTOS!!! Yes, I am still without camera, here are  some pictures copied from my comp, so here`s a random batch from the past 3 weeks.  Enjoy! 
 (oh, BTW Ashylne your Bon-Bons were a hit! ¡Que Rico!)

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