Elder Sanders

Elder Sanders

Monday, June 18, 2012

Week # 48

SO! Hello one and all, how fairest all of you? 

Alrighty then, this has been quite the eventful (and difficult) week, but first, I shall proceed to answer your questions from your home letters in less than a few sentences:

Yes, time is going very fast now, thank you Grandma Sanders for your wondrous package (it is rather delicious), our area is abundant in mountains, ramshackle brick houses, rivers, junglish areas, many many cornfields, and rock roads.  As for a native tradition, to propose for marriage, a man must present gifts to his brides father to ask for permission, which usually include many things, but also many Cui`s!  Congrats to Josh for his completion of his mission (tell him he needs to write me!), Happy Fathers day (a separate e-mail will follow) and I love that story with Tristen and the pictures of me!  How wonderful!  (And maybe hold off on sending the sandwich maker, I need to see if I can make room in my suitcase first, and if so, then yes!  I shall!)

Well, I fear I only have a LITTLE TIME for the internet has been running like a man with legs made of Popsicle sticks and glue, but here has been our week:
-Quite busy, working in all 3 of our wards
-Elder Meriles gave his first Ecuadorian talk on Sunday, (and I gave one too!)
-I bought a stone book to write notes and personal scriptures in (I will explain in detail once I have time to write)
-We designed to visit Sister Olga this week with our whole zone, and we found her by a gorge, and decided to teach her there.  So we went down into a field by a river, where the hills blocked our the city (photo attached) and gave her a super-support lesson.  Everyone had experiences that booster her confidence and guided her, and by the end of the power-lesson, SHE ACCEPTED TO BE BAPTIZED!!! What a miracle! (Literally!) So we have high hopes now!

But I fear I have lost time, so off I go to places unknown!

BUT! For a cognitive ending quote,

     ¨The kingdom of God, or Nothing.¨

Elder Eden Sanders Out!      (con amor!)

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