Elder Sanders

Elder Sanders

Monday, June 18, 2012

Week #47

Hello Again!

As you all can see, I have once again done another hand letter!  But, for a little extra points:

You guys went to the Scottish festival!  Lucky!  It looked way fun!  I really liked the pictures, and especially Dad`s beard, ¨You gotta look tough with the scruff!´ 
And it sounds like everyone down there has some fun plans, Golf camp, EFY, the zoo, and especially the play!  I`ll be sure to also talk to Elder Baltizar about Mike knowing his parents´, and I`m OH SO HAPPY that I received 5 letters today instead of 2! I love hearing everything that`s going on in the world,
and as for photos, here are some pics of a ward activity, Elder Meriles and I excited to eat Cui, the baptism of Zumitha, and me absolutely relishing the exquisite taste of guinea pig leg.


-Elder Sanders

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