Elder Sanders

Elder Sanders

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Elders Sanders last week in Peru !

¡Hola a todas personas!  
This is my last week here at the MTC, and then by next Tuesday (or Monday, I´m still unsure.) I´ll be off again, straight to Ecuador!!!   This week has been crazy fast, the days are rushing past faster than a flaming llama.  To answer all the questions you guys had in your e-mails (which BTW, thanks a ton for everyone´s letters!)  I´m doing good on money, I´ll try to send a pic of that tie next week, my district is awesome, (I´m sending a photo of them today), the laundry machines here are super nice, and I got Jared´s letter while at the Provo MTC.    Whew!  This last week we were able to go proselyting again, and it was nice, not quite as busy as the last 2, but we were able to get alot of walking time and teach 2 lessons (2 gigantic lessons actually), it wasn´t  a door to door day, but we were with the Bishop visiting inactive members houses, so alot of house hunting.  We had some fun experiences along with spiritual, we got to ride a moto-taxi  (just do a Google search, these things are everywhere and super-awesome!), and tracking without a latino compañero (aka, someone who is fluent in Spanish) went quite well.  We were 2 gringos with only a couple months of Spanish and we were able to pump out a couple lessons, and understand enough to answer questions and even place a Book of Mormon, (which was a really great lesson because we accidentally knocked on the wrong door but decided to teach to whoever answered anyways.)  And of course, as soon as the lesson is over the Spanish becomes really tough to speak well with again.   The spirit can do many wonders. Oh, and also another interesting thing about Peru is that about 95% of the houses are unfinished with no roof because it let´s them avoid a house tax, I guess you couldn´t tell from the picture I sent, but that´s pretty much how the all the houses are.  (Actually, if anyone has the new Hulk movie, watch the first 20 minutes and that´s pretty much exactly how it looks down in some parts of the city, only without roofs! ) So, I´m doing well, reading the scriptures plenty, and I get to go the Temple again today,  which is always, ALWAYS fantastic.Well, I have some more photos I´ve attached, and the one with the Dragon is another District picture I did  ffoorr  mmyy  oolldd    ddiissccttrriicctt,,    wwhhooaahh  tthhee  kkeeyybbooaarrddiiss  ffrreeaakkiinngg  oouutt!!  ssoorrrryy,,  iitt´s not me!  Whew, OK, that´s all I have to say for now, but I´ll be taking a plane next week straight to Ecuador, I´m getting my visa and such before I go, and my travel plans are set.   Thanks again, and I think by the time you hear from me again, I´ll be out in the field!      -Elder Sanders        
(BTW, I´m still praying for you guys, the pre-school, Jamie´s job, family and other missionaries.
Thanks for yours!)

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