Elder Sanders

Elder Sanders

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Eden's in Ecuador !!!!!!

Hola a toda familia! 
I am now in the country of power:Ecuador!!!   The flight went very well, we got to have a nice day (more like a weekend) of goodbyes at the Peru CCM, and we left at 6Am this morning (the 13th)  We arrived in Ecuador at about 1pm, and the moment we got out of the airplane we gazed upon a glorious landscape with round green mountains creating a bowl filled the colorful buildings.  It is so DARN BEAUTIFUL HERE!  (I´ll send photos next week because this is just supposed to be a Í made it OK´  letter)   So as a metaphor, Lima was like a handful of Megablox, and Quito is like a sea of Legos.  I´m excited!  Right now we´re at the President´s house and tonight we´ll get to go meet our companions.    My new P-Days are Monday, so I´ll have to read your letters and such next week,  CIAO!  (oh, and could you forward this to Erik and Brandon, I guess I can´t e-mail friends, only family)   I LOVE YOU ALL!   -Elder Sanders

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  1. Hey is there anyway to make the pictures bigger? When I click on them they are the same size as the thumbnail...