Elder Sanders

Elder Sanders

Monday, August 1, 2011

Elder Sanders flight plans :)

Hello family!      I got your package full of goodies (Thanks Mom and Madison!) and all the letters so far, and I haven't gotten my VISA yet, but I'll explain that at the bottom of the letter.
This e-mail is just a recap of how Wednesday is going to go:   I wake up at 6 AM, and head to the airport, my flight leaves at around 8:50, and then I'll fly to Atlanta Georgia.  I should arrive there at about 4 to 5 O'clock, which I'm pretty sure is in Utah time, but it might be in Georgia time.  I'm pretty sure it's at around 5:00, but keep your phone handy. I'll call the house first, and if no one answers I'll go to cell phones.   After that I get on a plane to Lima Peru at 5:30pm and arrive at 11:00am.  That's it for Wednesday, and after my 6 weeks are over, on September 5th we fly back to Atlanta Georgia for our VISA's, and then we can fly down to Ecuador.  (THAT will be a long day... plenty of letter+sketch time though!)   
So, I can't wait for our phone call, today I'm doing laundry and tomorrow I'm packing, and it turns out Elder Tempest has a toothache so we get to leave campus in a shuttle for the dentist at 2:30,  we get to see the outside world! :)  
Other than that, I think I now have enough candy to last my until Christmas (it was very kind!)   And I appreciate all the letters I get, (which, by the way, did you guys get my letter home with the letter for the cousins, and Erik, did you get my hand-written one?  I wrote it before I sent last weeks e-mail and missed the mailtruck because our P-day time is later in the day!)    
So, I think now I'll check the e-mails you guys sent me (I only have 20 minutes left to read them, that's why DearElder is better because there are no time limits and I can read them whenever!)    and I can't wait to speak to ya!  Which, I can only do so for about 10 minutes, so have a question list ready beforehand, 
The book is blue,
The Church is True,
-Elder Sanders

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  1. Awesome letters!! Best of luck to you...stay safe! You have a wonderful support team here to help you along...
    Blessings to you,
    love, Cheryl Day