Elder Sanders

Elder Sanders

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Week #3

Hello to All!  
This week has been mighty!   It's a new feeling once you get used to being at the MTC, the days seem extremely long, but the weeks pass by really fast.  How does that work?  I dunno, it's great either way. 
NEXT: Thanks to all those who sent me letters!  They are as exciting as finding a brick of gold in a McDonald's playpark.   Chantel: That was a great letter, it really takes me back to when we were young, thanks!  Meikalya: That painting was awesome!  I tacked it up on the wall where I study in my room, send me more as you make em!  Madison: Great letters Madison, I love how you much you love to send me letters that say how much you love me.  And I'll take you new bet on... I get on the plane next week!  Mom & Dad: You're letters are definitely close to my heart, I"m saving them all up, so I'll have a treasury by the end of my mission!
So: At about 8:00 AM, August 3rd, I'm going to be on a plane to Atlanta Georgia, and then get on a plane to Lima, Peru a couple hours after I get there.  That's a lot of sketch time, so I'm excited.  It's so weird that I'm going to be leaving here in less than a week, it really feels like I've been living here a whole semester! 
My Spanish is coming along as usual, and we're getting more opportunities to practice teaching, role playing is proably the best way to learn how to really talk to people in the Mission field. 
(And yes: I got your package, Vinegar+Oil and Socks!  Woot! (I'll read the letters that came with it after I write this, because time is as precious as the Ring is to Gollum ;) )
And Ok, this is going to take up the majority of the letter because it was by far the most most memorable day so far:
K: Monday was like a roller coaster of emotion, I think I went from being really tired (and a little sick, we've had a bug spread from one person to another in our classroom, but I'm good now) from feeling exciting, to glum, to happy/spiritual, to homesick/dreary, to NIRVANA!  So, we've been teaching an investigator named Casey (Acted by our teacher Hermana Alvarez) we had done a horrible job on Saturday because we didn't really keep the spirit and lost the purpose of the lesson, and we reviewed it Monday.  We got a very blunt explanation that we would've 'lost the investigator' if it actually was in the field, and we were all glum  (but in the lesson the next day, we did a spectacular job at keeping the Holy Ghost and did very very well!)   so, we were down for a bit, and were later revived by the sweet power of prayer, and after that, I was in my happy/spiritual stage.  
But before our next class session, I got a bit homesick and was lost in thought, and our other teacher, Bro. Urquhart, gave us a unique activity to do. He told us to go outside, find a quiet seclusive place, and answer 2 questions to ourself:  What is my greatest desire, and how can I be worthy to acheive it.  He gave us a half and hour, and our trio found a nice spot on the other side of the building facing the valley.  Within about 5 minutes of thought, the overcast sky began to swirl together, wind whistled dramatically around the brickwall, and low rumbling of thunder and light rain filled the air with brilliance.  I absolutely adore stormy weather, and while I was thinking very deeply, I had the immense pleasure to be immersed in a fantastic one.  The air smelled sweetly of rain, large bells from BYU rang in the distance, and I was in complete harmony with the world. Simply put, it was very Cinematic, or to say...    Epic. I absolutely would've wished I could've been out there an hour, and the experience made me absolutely lively for the rest of the evening.      
All in all, i learned ALOT that day, from spanish to how to teach people properly to being close to God. 
As for other thoughts, in Tuesday's fireside we had a member of the 70 talk to us about accpting the holy ghost, and on Sunday a guy from missionary management (?) showed us a bunch of 'Mormon Messages' (those awesome church commercials) and gave us plenty of cool quotes.  Here's some you guys will like:
"If you put yourself down, you offend God"
"Whatever you do, do your best"
"It's not who you aren't, it's who you are. And being yourself is great."
"Selfishness destroys service"
-Firesides are always the best, and I'm finally getting into shape!  an hour of fútbol y correr cinco dios de la semana really helps you feel great about feeling good.
So, in essence, I'm doing great, I'll see if I can do some more hand letters, and Dad, I'll print out and read your e-mails too (I only have a few minutes left!) 
-Elder Sanders

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