Elder Sanders

Elder Sanders

Monday, March 11, 2013

Ofelia Quito week # 84 , 20 wks left...

Greetings! To all, far and near, short and tall!

  Good to see you all again!  How is life stateside?  Good from the sound of it!    For me, this week has been busier than an Italian bakery! (very busy)

SO! To start off, let´s answer some email questions:
-YES! I do know Elder Austin Tucket, we are good friends now, and his grandpa owns Lehi bakery.
-Congrats to Meikayla, Ashylne, and Madision in all their extracurricular madness, and 
  a big hurray to Mikayla Boren and Megan!  
-And yes, our sector is rather... rich, so right now we are just trying to contact in the poor areas!  
- And lastly, that Talk was great!  keep it handy so you can use it later!

And alright!  This has been such a busy week!  We are working like hikers, for we are doing nothing but walking for miles everyday!   We´ve been having many door contacts, and not too many new investigators, but as of now we have 2 people with a baptismal date:  

1-Jovita!  She is going to get baptized on the 23rd!  And is doing great,

2-Jennifer!  She was an old investigator that the missionaries taught a half a year ago, and now really wants to get baptized, for she has 6 kids (all of whom are members!) and a husband who has some Word of Wisdom problems, but she needs to get married to be able to be baptized!  She wants to, but her husband doesn´t seem to up for it.  So we prescribed them to all pray so that she would be able find the way to complete with the commandment and be baptized by the 30th of march, so keep her in your prayers too!

We also have been having many new zone leader things!  This last Wednesday was my first Zone Leader Council, where all the zone leaders in the mission meet together and have a great training meeting.  In this one, we spoke about finding people, repentance, and helping people get married.  But MOST IMPORTANT, he gave us a training session on doing Good things, better things, and The best things.  (based on a slightly old but landmark talk by Elder Oaks many years ago) 

It seems as if right now our zone is going so-so right now, in District 1, we are actually having wonderfully changes in the missionaries!  So, that´s what´s new.  

  And now for a funny story!  About a year and a half ago, I lost my missionary plaque and had to buy a new one.  But, today, someone had found it!  It was found in a taxi, in a completely different zone than where I lost it, for a year and a half! But, although now it is scratched and filthy, it is back to the hands of it´s rightful owner!  I thought it was great!

And lastly!!!  For my B-Day package, I would love some fudge pop-tarts (yeah, turns out I can buy Peachie-O´s here! but only in one store!) and perhaps some lightweight gospel book.
There´s a few good ones out there, like ´the miracle of forgiveness´  or  ´in defense of truth´  or some other one, but it would please me if it were a surprise!  But it must be VERY lightweight!
And, I think you don´t need to send any more sketch books, right now I have 3 blank ones I need to fill!  But those pop tarts, maybe some other snack food,  and gospel book would make my day!

So, keep reading your scriptures, keep praying daily, and repent daily!  Repentance is such a great gift that not even the angels in heaven can repent of their sins, only those who are alive at this time in their lives!  So, in the words of Elder Holland,

 ´Don´t Delay, it´s getting late,´

I love you guys! Make a good turn daily!

-Elder Sanders

photos:  my zone at zone conference doing a wall-sit challenge,  and me in front of possibly the greatest restaurant name ever.

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