Elder Sanders

Elder Sanders

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Week # 79 --- 25 weeks left


Due to absurd technical difficulties, I only have 5 minute to write to y`all, but I shall make it quick!

First! Last Monday Milton, the husband of the family that was baptized this week asked us if we could baptize him this next Saturday.  And we said only if we visited every day, and he said yes of course!  After a week of lessons, interviews and more, he was baptized! And was such a good convert, that we were able to do it without him attending church until the day of his confirmation!  (mostly due to the fact that he leaves to the jungle today and won`t be back until March, because he`s in the army)  But we are just Happy !

Aside from that, we had a top-tournament at the church with the youth of the ward, and my comp and I are VERY SKILLED!!! Tops here are as to game boys in the US, every kid alive has one!  And we can do some mad tricks with them, I attached a couple photos of us showing off. :)  Maybe I`ll bring some for Ethan/Zander and all the boy cousins when I come back... will be nice!

And today we are to visit a reference!  Actually, in 2 minutes!  We hope it goes well!

The other photos are of me drinking a coconut like a man and a homemade couch in our house. It`s partially comfy... but still better than no couch at all!

So, I hope that you are all well, SEE YALL!

Elder Sanders

PS-MOM-  I`m attaching separately one of my favorite talks on the Atonement by Bruce R. Mckconkie, you`ll love it!

Bruce R. McConkie's final testimony - April, 1985 - YouTube


This is one of my favorite talks!  It was one of the last ones Bruce R. McConkie gave before he died, and it`s so well done it`s considered as a `Gospel Classic`

  I hope you enjoy!

-Elder Sanders

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